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How to Save Huge Amounts of Hard Drive Space Using OneDrive’s On-Demand & Selective Sync

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How to use Microsoft cloud storage & file syncing software & service, OneDrive, with new On-Demand and Selective Sync features to save hard drive space.

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How To Fix Track Changes in Microsoft Word 16 for Mac Reverting to “Author” [VIDEO]

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Is your author or user name showing as “Author” in your Microsoft Word for Mac when you edit & track changes & not your actual user name? Here’s how to fix!

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How To Create a “Work” Menu in Office 2016 & Office 365 of Pinned Documents

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In previous versions of Microsoft Office for Mac, you were able to create something called a “Work” menu. In Office 2016/Office 365, you can no longer do that. But, there is a way to use similar functionality to get the same results. It’s easy and this article shows how to do it.

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How To Easily Apply Multiple PowerPoint Slide Designs or Themes to a Single Presentation

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How to easily apply multiple designs, themes, and styles on a single Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. It’s a lot easier to do than you might think!

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MALWARE WARNING: EMAILDOMAIN plus “_contract.doc” has a Malicious Word Macro – Analysis & Details

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Warning about a malicious Word macro that comes as an email attachment with “_contract.doc” as part of the file name. Also contains analysis about threat.

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How to Fix Mac Office 2011 Crashing in Yosemite [UPDATED X3]

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Recently, my  version of Office for Mac (Office 2011), started crashing on my MacBook Pro. Every time I launched Word, Excel or PowerPoint, the app would crash after a few seconds with an error asking if I wanted to recover my work, reopen the Office app and send the error to Microsoft. It didn’t matter if I opened a document directly or one of the Office applications, within a few seconds, the Office App would crash. I went searching for a solution on various forums but only seemed to find other people encountering the same issue. Supposedly these crashes have …

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A Simple Search Can Get You Rewards…Bing Rewards

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How many times do you do an Internet search a day? Once? Ten times? Fifty? I probably am more in the higher end of this number count. With the luxury of Internet searches at our fingertips, we also have access to unlimited sources of information and entertainment. So while we essentially have a living encyclopedia at our beck and call, wouldn’t it be nice to also get (or give) stuff based on our numerous searches? Well, you actually can if you use Bing and Bing Rewards for your searches. Once you sign up for Bing Rewards, every time that you …

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When is a Tablet Not a Tablet? When It’s A Windows 8.1 Pro Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2

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I have had my fair share of experience with a variety of tablets ranging from iPads to Samsung 10.1 tablets to a Sony and even a Blackberry Playbook. It seems that manufacturers and developers continue to tweak their interfaces and hardware specifications to hopefully be the one that “sticks” and that everyone gravitates towards. I believe, though, that each of these tablet types have their own particular space in the marketplace. You need to find that one that does the most for you and that does it in the best way possible. I, personally, have balanced my time between iOS …

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Review: Inky – An Email Client with a Refreshing New Approach to Filtering & Management

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Despite all efforts by Social Media, text messaging and other communication protocols, email is not going away. And, it seems to be growing instead of shrinking. The good think is, email service providers like Google (Gmail) and Microsoft ( seem to be trying to keep up with the times and integrating “intelligent” features within their web-based clients. Things like smart folders/tabs, tagging, social integration, filtering and other features are making email a bit more interesting to use. However, if you do not use one of those main providers, you might be thinking that email is still just as “boring” as …

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Multiple Uses Make the LG 23ET83 Touchscreen Monitor a Winner in HighTechDad’s Home

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My family always seems to get excited when a new piece of technology arrives…well, at least I do. My goal has always been to see how technology can be best integrated into the family lifestyle. And then I share the experience. When I received the LG 23ET83 touchscreen monitor a few weeks ago, at first I struggled to figure out a place to showcase (and use) this elegantly designed touchscreen monitor. For some time, it simply sat on our dining room table (despite my wife’s complaints) and was used by me when I worked at home. But now it has …