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I’m Writing Tech News for You to Steal

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Yes, you read the title correctly, I am writing tech news articles for you to take, use and put your own name on, and photos and videos as well. Long live plagiarism! While everything that I have said is true, I do think it is important for me to clarify things a bit. The stuff that you are reading here, on is not what I’m telling you to steal. Instead, it is on another site, Intel Free Press. I recently started a new job at Intel, as a Staff Writer for Intel Free Press and Social Media Strategist for …

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When is a Tablet Not a Tablet? When It’s A Windows 8.1 Pro Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2

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I have had my fair share of experience with a variety of tablets ranging from iPads to Samsung 10.1 tablets to a Sony and even a Blackberry Playbook. It seems that manufacturers and developers continue to tweak their interfaces and hardware specifications to hopefully be the one that “sticks” and that everyone gravitates towards. I believe, though, that each of these tablet types have their own particular space in the marketplace. You need to find that one that does the most for you and that does it in the best way possible. I, personally, have balanced my time between iOS …

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Apple WWDC 2013 – HighTechDad’s LiveStream

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In anticipation of the Apple WWDC 2013 event, I thought that I would test out something new by trying to cover some of the event via a live stream. Note, this is completely an experiment. You probably can get faster live stream feeds from some of the other major sites or directly on the WWDC event page (provided you have Safari on a Mac, and iOS device or AppleTV). But for those who want to get my 2 cents on what Apple has to say on today’s event, you can watch my commentary. Apple WWDC 2013 – HighTechDad’s LiveStream was …

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14 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Provider – Part 2

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In Part 1 of my 2-part series “14 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Provider” I walked you through several important evaluation criteria that you should consider when choosing a cloud provider. The topics covered in Part 1 are: Performance, Breadth of Service Offering, Ease of Use, Price, Support, SLA and Security. Do note that these items are not in any particular order but some do refer to others so be sure to read through both articles. In Part 2 (this article), I add 7 more items to the list of things to consider. It is important to approach …

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14 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Provider – Part 1

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You should all know by now that the cloud is here to stay. It may be in one form or another and in various flavors (infrastructure, platform or application) and it may not be called “cloud” in a few years, but the concept of on-demand, pay-as-you-go, Internet-delivery, scalable, as-a-service functionality will persist. It’s efficient, it’s cost effective and it is becoming better each and every day. However, when it comes to choosing a cloud provider, there are several things that you or your business should seriously think about before plunking down your credit card and signing up for a service. …

How To Disable Java in Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer on Mac OS or Windows to Prevent 0-Day Exploit

In Apple, Application, Fix It, General, Google, How To, HTD Tech Tip, Microsoft, Safety, Security, Software, Tech News by Michael Sheehan2 Comments

If you have been reading any of the Technical publications online, you will probably know that there is currently an exploit in Java that affects most internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer on systems that have Java installed. This is being called a zero-day or 0-day exploit which essentially means that there is a security vulnerability in an application that is so new (“day zero”) that the developers have not had time or the opportunity to patch or correct the security issue. If you think about a disease outbreak, this is day zero of the outbreak and …

Jumping Into January – What I’m Missing & What I’m Not and Why It’s Relevant

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Who would have believed what a busy month January 2013 would be. As is customary for me, I can barely see the end of my nose, the end of the day or the end of an article. How the heck can I look through a month and plan ahead? Honestly, I wish that I had actually planned ahead a bit more as January is looking to be one of those really important months. But “focus” is a key word for me in 2013 so planning will be crucial. I have to make choices, just like everyone else. While I wish …

10 Tips on How to Avoid Losing your Digital Identity

In Application, Consumer Electronics, Family, Gadgets, General, How To, HTD Tech Tip, Mobile, Opinion, Safety, Security, Social Media, Social Networking, Tech News, Trend Micro by Michael Sheehan1 Comment

Our society is made up of all types of information. And the amount of “stuff” that is known about us is growing as speeds never before seen. Think back 50 or 100 years. What identified a person? Their names, their ancestry, their address and their bank. Eventually phone numbers and a few other bits of personally identifiable information made it into the fold. Now look at what could possibly identify you – it’s almost unfathomable how much data is collected on is each and every second and not only that, how this data is connected to us. We have bank …

Cloud Means Freedom – Evolution & Revolution

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When you think about earth-bound items, you think of things that are landlocked, tethered to a solid object or constrained by physicality. We, as a species are largely terrestrial, grounded with our feet on the ground and limited by gravity. For centuries if not millennia, humankind has dreamed and endeavored to break away from terra firma and soar beyond what surrounds us, to fly with the birds, to journey off into space and to explore that which we do not know. The spirit of exploration and the quest to understand the unknown propels us as a civilization to move beyond …

Old Fashioned Content Delivery About New Fashioned Technology – Scholastic Discover More “Technology” Book

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I usually write about technology and gadgets. Anything bright and shiny really gets my attention, so much so, that I have little to no time to read books as most of my reading is confined to trade publications and articles. My children, however, especially my youngest daughter seem to LOVE reading, which is exciting. However, I just got my hands on an advanced copy of new book coming out soon by Scholastic as part of a new series called “Scholastic Discover More.” The book that caught my attention in particular was one called “Technology – How today’s technology really works” …

Using Cloud Computing to Test, Develop and Innovate

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Are you using cloud computing yet? If so, that’s great. If not, what is holding you back? Do you know enough about it? Do its capabilities confuse you? Have you not found a good use for it? I would guess that you are using cloud computing without even knowing it. As I work in the cloud industry, I get to see the trends as they happen and what innovative ways people are using the cloud to drive business success. Honestly, I think that developers and companies are only just starting to tap the vast potential of cloud computing. While many …

Get Those Cleaning Supplies Out & Roll Up Your Sleeves – How to Clean Your Digital Home!

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It’s Springtime! Leaves are appearing on the trees, the sun is starting to gain dominance over the rain, and my eyes are teary, not only from the pollen in the air, but also from the fact that I need to start doing my spring cleaning around the house! It’s time to put away the winter clothes, coats and blankets, throw open the windows and air out the house. Guess what? You probably need to do this with your digital home as well. Wait, what? My “digital” home, you ask? What the heck is that? Well, while we typically live in …

Understanding Cloud Security and Mobile Platforms on Digital Nibbles Podcast #6

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You really should track your digital devices, at least according to Ken Westin who is the founder of GadgetTrak. I actually agree with that. In fact, I have been using some other services (Prey Project and Find my iPhone) to do just that. It does look like what Ken’s company has come up with in their GadgetTrak service goes quite a bit beyond that. And Ken goes into the importance of preserving your gadget (smartphone and laptop) security and privacy in the latest episode of Digital Nibbles.  Appropriately taking place on Pi Day (3.14) – which, also is, coincidentally, Albert …

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A Cloud For All Seasons – Picking the Right Cloud

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Cloud computing can be very confusing. It can be abstractly discussed but also detailed to intricate levels. A few years ago, part of the reason why people weren’t adopting cloud computing was because they simply didn’t understand it and what it could do for them. And, a few years ago, the technology and services were relatively new and not as built-out and established as they are now. In my previous posts of this series, I talked about what I thought would come in 2012 for cloud computing, I debunked a few common misstatements about the cloud and, I listed out …

5 Ways To Make the Cloud Work for You

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So you have heard about cloud computing but are not really sure what you can do with it. Or maybe, your only exposure to the cloud is what you have seen in ads or heard in the media. Let me tell you, what you see on TV is only a fraction of the cloud’s true power. I’m obviously a bit biased, as I work for a cloud infrastructure provider. But that also gives me the ability to really focus in on use cases that seem to be popular this day and age. As I wrote in my previous article, there are some …