Sunday, July 12, 2020

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Apple’s iTunes App Store Hits the “Terrible 2?s” – On to the “Thirsty 3?s”

Being a parent of 3 daughters, I well remember the "terrible two's". Well, another child that many people play with daily has hit that milestone, the iTunes App Store. As Apple blows out the candles, I thought it important...

I’m Participating in Intel’s “Upgrade Your Life” Digital Influencers Summit

A few months or so ago, I saw an interesting phrase from Intel fly by on Twitter. It was the line "Upgrade Your Life" which I thought was a very creative melding of technology and real life. I was...

The Ever-Changing Weather of the “Clouds” – What is Cloud Computing Anyway?

I would think that by now, many of you would have heard the term "Cloud" used when talking about Internet "stuff." In passing, a common phrase thrown around is "it's saved to the Cloud" or "it's in the Cloud."...

The Apple iPad – Why It Might NOT be a Winner … Yet!

So earlier today, I fully drank from Apple's vat of Kool-Aid. I wrote about Apple's new iPad and how I think that it will be a game-changer. I still think that it has definitely drawn the line in the...

Apple’s New iPad Announced and My Thoughts – Is It A Winner?

The weeks of waiting and speculation are now over. Today, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, unveiled a new device for Apple called the "iPad." Building upon the success of the iPhone/iPod Touch OS and the elegance of the MacBook Pro...

Cast of Dads: Podcast #5 – “Guys Love Gadgets”

This episode of the "Cast of Dads" podcast was something near and dear to my heart…GADGETS! With CES 2010 having just finished, we decided that the theme for the podcast would be gadgets and technology. Jeff Sass provided some...

CES Coverage Remote #3: More Gadget Thoughts & News from the Day

My coverage of CES 2010 (remotely) is starting to run out of steam. I can only imagine what the people covering it there are feeling. I must say, that c|net has done the best in terms of presenting their...

CES Coverage Remote #2: Press Day Thoughts & Day 2 News [Update #1]

While it is obviously not the same as being at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2010, I was able to watch quite a few of the press events over the web (probably with a better seat...

Remote CES 2010 Coverage: Initial Thoughts & Day 1 News [UPDATE #3]

I'm jealous of all of those who are able to brave the madness of gadget-hungry attendees of CES 2010 (the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show). I was able to secure a blogger press pass at the end...

Tech News: iPhone Ustream Live, AT&T to “Fix” SF/NYC & “Conspiracy vs. the Heavy Data User” by AT&T

If you haven't entered my HP TouchSmart 600 Giveaway, do it NOW! It's super easy to enter (kind of fun as well) and right now, the odds are pretty good at winning! Spread the word with friends, family and...

Tech News: Chrome Beta for Mac, Boxee in a D-Link Box & Verizon Droid OTA Update

I just bought a burrito just so that I could hold it to warm my hands. Yes, it's still cold here in the Bay Area. But the Tech News is "hot" as always: Hands-on Chrome beta for Mac "Google released the...

Tech News: Google Real-time Search, CrunchPad Now the JooJoo & Apple iTunes in the Cloud via Lala?

Happy snowy, hail-y & raining Monday from the San Francisco Bay Area. But, the tech news is HOT today: Google Aims To Push The Speed Of Light With Realtime Results. Seriously. "Today, at its Search Event in Mountain View, Google Fellow...
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