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Capture, Store and Use the Sun’s Power Easily with GoalZero Solar Products

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I love solar energy. And I guess my dog loves it as well – basking in it to stay warm. The sun is seemingly a limitless source of power. It only needs to be harnessed. With the proper equipment, you can be ready for just about any situation, a camping trip, an emergency or a way to simply save on your electrical bill. And as we get more and more devices that require precious energy, we need to begin to think about saving the planet in the process. While much of the energy that comes to our homes is getting …

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Giveaway! Your First Smartphone Could Be the HTC First!

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It’s been a while since I hosted a giveaway, so I thought that I would start out the Memorial Day Holidays with a giveaway holiday! If you don’t have a smartphone yet, this giveaway is for you! Or, if your child is ready for their first smartphone, you better enter. Or if you simply want a back up phone, you may want to enter as well. Regardless, courtesy of AT&T, I’m doing an HTC First Giveaway! As I actually haven’t had any hands-on with the HTC First (because I’m giving it away), I’m just going to speak to HTC in general. …

The Jabra Speak 510 Bluetooth & USB Connected Speakerphone Truly Speaks Great for Itself

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As workforces become more distributed to satellite offices, home offices, client locations and even roaming within an organization, technology needs to be adaptable to any scenario. Mobile devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets have untethered our dependence on corded locations, meaning that the worker (or parent) on the go often is not always at the same location. And despite our increased interactions on email and social networking, voice and video conferencing is gaining in popularity, regardless of whether it is for business or family events. Jabra understands this, as is evident with their new Jabra Speak 510 corded and Bluetooth-enabled …

5 Reasons Why Social Media Might Actually Be Good for your Child

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WARNING: The repeated use of Social Media can be dangerous to your child’s well-being. Should we have a Surgeon General’s warning label slapped onto each and every social media site out there? What about some sort of age rating system like we have for movies, music and video games? No, of course not. The Internet is all about freedom of speech and expression and is a wealth of knowledge. But we all continue to get the message that social media is dangerous for children. Even I have written a couple of articles to that effect. But as I reflect on …