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How to Set Up a Portable Camping Theater with the AAXA P5 Pico Projector

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Camping purists may disagree with bringing tech, but here’s a How-To for those who want to bring a portable camping theater using the AAXA P5 Pico Projector

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Has the Magic Kingdom lost its Magic?

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My family and I headed down to Disneyland a few weeks ago. It was to reward my kids for a successful year at school and a way for all of us as a family to do something together before we splintered off in different directions during the summer and even the coming years. So, I figured it would be good to write one of those “Tips” or “Did You Know…” or “How To..” or “Disneyland Secrets” articles about visiting the Magic Kingdom, Disneyland. But as my kids and I started doing research prior to our trip, we realized that there …

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The Front of the Line Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood

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Hollywood is a magical place. It has a 24-hour buzz of excitement, creativity and activity. Most people never get to really understand it unless you “work in the industry.” It’s the place where actors make it (or don’t), where writing comes to life on the screen and where people flock from around the world to experience stardom. Universal Studios Hollywood has captured this excitement and magic and has bottled it up in a theme park – Universal Studios Hollywood. My family just spent an entire day there, and we were treated like movie stars, being able to cut to the …