While I have had some issue in the past with HighTechDad Giveaways, I’m hoping to start again with some new ideas. My goal is always to provide good content on my site in the form of reviews of hardware and software, but also a variety of How-To’s, Tips, Tricks, Parenting “Hacks” and other articles.


Every once and a while, a Vendor or PR Firm approaches me with a really cool item to give away to my readers. This page shows all of the HighTechDad Giveaways that I have done as well as any that are currently running. You can also see all posts that have the category “giveaway” here. If you are a Vendor or PR Firm and want to provide something for me to give away to my audience, please fill out the form here.

Legal Stuff

So, given that I have had both successful and unsuccessful giveaways, I need to put some disclaimers in here. For starters:

  1. I reserve the right to Modify or Cancel a giveaway at any time.
  2. Fraud, malice, cheating, gaming the system, or anything dishonest, will not be tolerated and will make me invoke item #1 above.
  3. I will use my best efforts to select winners via some sort of random process (e.g., Random.orgtwitrand or other 3rd party service like RafflecopterOneKontestTwtaway or Tweetaways). If any of those 3rd party services fail, it is not my responsibility but I will work to resolve as best as possible.
  4. I will not do any contests as these have very different rules.
  5. Unless otherwise noted, all giveaways are for US Residents only within shipment only within the United States.
  6. You must be 18 years old or older. Don’t try to fake it, I’m a parent and I will find out!
  7. Vendors, Companies, PR Firms nor I are liable for any issues. Your choice to participate, win or lose is up to you and you alone. I accept no responsibility for winners or losers – just be a good sport about it!
  8. No purchase is necessary unless otherwise noted. Some products may require an additional service and this is the responsibility of the winner.
  9. By participating in these giveaways, you fully agree to all of the items listed in this section (“Legal Stuff”) as well as any others listed on a particular giveaway page.
  10. Entry Period will be listed for each giveaway and will include dates and times for start and end.
  11. There will be no Disputes. My decision on these giveaways are final. Sorry, but here, I’m the dictator so I make the rules.
  12. Have fun with the giveaways! I just want to share what I can with my followers and readers
  13. Winners have 24 hours to respond to a winning notification (done via email and/or social media). If no response is received by me within 24 hours, I reserve the right to choose a new winner and the previously notified winner becomes…a loser. Sorry.
  14. I will take 10% of the first $1,000,000 that you make – ok, I’m kidding but if you read all of this, I really am impressed.
  15. Rule #13 is null and void. Wait, if I say that I’m kidding in that rule and it is null and void, does it mean that I’m not kidding?

These rules were updated on 06/07/16.

Hope you win!

Current HighTechDad Giveaways

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