Netvibes update – Cinnamon release

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Looks like Netvibes has updated their code with a new release “Cinnamon.” This is the development track towards their 2.0 release. Some of the new feature/updates include:

  • New Setting panel
  • New Design and color themes
  • New Netvibes digital life assistant
  • Content localization
  • Sidebar reorganization
  • Better performance
  • Browser compatability

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Cobras are 4-0!

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Another good game for my daughter’s soccer team, the Cobras! This was one of the closer games with the talent of both sides being fairly balanced. However, the Cobras were able to pull out another victory!

I actually tried to document the game. Here is one of the warm-up highlights!

Soccer warmup

Understanding Phishing Scams…first hand!

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This is my PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the week and it is about something pretty scary…Phishing Scams. Several years ago, I was a victim of identity theft. It was not a pleasant experience but it left me wiser and more cautious. It was done the old fashioned way of swiping some receipts and looking up some account information (local retailer). Nowadays, identity thieves have become much better in their “art.” I have first hand experience now…but I wasn’t a victim.

So, here is what happened, I received the following email:

Bank of America Phishing email
It looked much more legit than others that I have seen. There were no huge gramatical errors or spelling errors (although the writing was pretty bad). So, I figured that I would check to see if Bank of American had shut down the site yet. To my suprise, they hadn’t! Thus, it became my mission to document this as a warning for others.

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MORE Apple Support madness!!!

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So…the madness continues. After all of the fun as outlined here and here, and thinking that “all was well” when I received the laptop package yesterday…all hopes were shattered when I started reading the form letter in the repair box!

The words “RETURN: CUSTOMER DECLINED REPAIR” jumped out at me and I wanted to cry. Quickly booting up my “fixed” laptop, I found that it was not fixed, just as the letter said. I had one hour before they closed to call Apple Care to find out what was going on. I called the numbers listed (800-APL-CARE)…tried the path through the phone tree that I did before, but there was no luck getting to talk to a live person. So I tried another route, the tech support option (#1). I finally got ahold of a support person and explained the situation. This guy was nice and got me to the Dispatch queue so that we could resolve it.

After waiting about 15 minutes in a phone queue, I finally got to speak to a dispatch person. He sounded like he was working in a hallway or something. He spent a lot of time reading through all of the notes. (Again, I was polite and relatively calm…which seems to work.) So, i found out why the certain series of Powerbooks had this issue. It had to do with how they were packed and that too much pressure was put on the screen in the packaging. (He also told me that this can happen if a laptop is packed in a backpack with books where there is pressure on the LCD.) I guess that he had some sympathy so he said they would make “an exception” and repair it. He also said that it looked like the laptop was supposed to be fixed but the “fix it” note didn’t make it in time and the laptop was shipped back prior to the repairs.

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Newly added function…”Read the rest this post >>”

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I found that my posts were getting really long (I guess I have a lot to say). So in order to save the lives of a few scrollbars, I added a function that only shows the first paragraph of the article. So, be sure that you look for (and click on) the “Read the rest of this post >>” link under each post. Hope that helps the usability!