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While I am a writer at heart, I know that content takes many different forms: images, voice, writing, video, and more. For many years, I have been also creating video content (reviews, how-to’s, etc.) and have been publishing these on my YouTube channel. My channel has over 10,000 subscribers (and is growing) and almost 9 million views. And I was made a YouTube Partner many years ago.

Editing a HighTechDad video in Apple Final Cut Pro

About HighTechDad Videos

I’m definitely NOT a videographer or video expert and am learning as I go. But I do realize the importance of both telling and showing, and videos are a perfect way to do this.

Many of my articles here on HighTechDad.com have videos embedded in them. And often, the content in the videos differs slightly from what I write.

I tend to do all of my video as naturally as possible, with minimal to no scripting, very light editing, and without too much “flash.” I feel that those types are more authentic…but you can be the judge of that.

But, I am teaching myself Final Cut Pro, Motion, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and other video tools, so I’m hoping that my videos will improve over time. I’m always open to constructive feedback.

Editing the new HighTechDad intro logo animation for videos

Want Something Reviewed?

If you are a Brand, Agency, or Vendor, and would like to have a video done of your product and/or a written article, please head over to my Vendor Form and provide some details. I would love to help amplify your message and product or service.

HighTechDad’s YouTube Channel

Below, you can find my YouTube videos. I do hope you find them helpful and useful. Do note, on my YouTube Partner Channel, there are various playlists for Review, How-To’s, Vehicle Reviews, and selected groupings of videos.