Apple Care came through with flying colors!

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OK, it looks like the saga is over. Today, I finally received my laptop today (see all of the previous posts). Actually, I was pretty impressed with this round. I shipped the laptop this past Monday, it was received and fixed on the same day (Tuesday) and shipped back on Wednesday. I missed the delivery on Thursday, but today, I got it. And let me tell you, Apple Care really came through!

The “unboxing” was the biggest scare…just from remembering last time. However, this time, I was really pleasantly suprised. The first thing that I noticed was that my laptop was actually closed…something that it couldn’t due before (due to a hinge being bent). Then I read through the “Parts Description” section and found out what had been fixed or replaced: the battery (new), Display (what I had originally sent the thing in for – replaced), Bezel (new), top and bottom case. Looks like the top case is a refurb one (scratches on it) and the bottom case a new one. The really did a great job and the computer looks almost like new.

So, after all of my bitching and emailing and complaining, I had a successful end result. Kudos to Apple. The next one that I get, I will be sure that I get Apple Care with it. Two thumps up!

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