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My name is Michael Sheehan, otherwise known throughout the inter-webs as HighTechDad™ (just do a Google Search to see my reach). I have been personally writing about technology for many years, providing product reviews of hardware and software, as well as writing fix-its, how-to’s, and other tips and tricks. I have been an ambassador and influencer for many brands as well. I’m an avid social media pundit and somewhat “understand” parenting (I have 3 teenage daughters). Technology, gadgets, gizmos, hardware, software, and anything geeky are what I’m passionate about.

I am currently a Senior Manager of Partner Marketing Strategy at AppDynamics which is part of Cisco. I also do consulting with various start-ups and companies in stealth mode on the digital and content marketing strategies as well as design and manage 3rd party WordPress sites. I previously worked at at Riverbed as a Senior Manager of Content Marketing within the Solutions Marketing group. Before that, I was at HP as a Senior eCommerce Content Marketing Manager where I developed and implemented lifestyle content strategies. Prior to that, I was at Intel Corporation as a Brand Journalist and Social Media Strategist.

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The postings on HighTechDad.com as well as on my social channels are my own and don’t necessarily represent any other company’s positions, strategies, or opinions. I hold a high standard for transparency and disclosure, and take a journalistic approach to all of my work.Michael Sheehan

NOTE: I do NOT accept 3rd part articles or guest posts. Also, I will NOT edit an existing article to include your links.


I currently work as a Senior Manager of Partner Marketing Strategy at AppDynamics which is part of Cisco. I previously worked at at Riverbed as a Senior Manager of Content Marketing within the Solutions Marketing group. Before that, worked at HP Inc. as a Senior eCommerce Content Marketing Manager developing various lifestyle content strategies for the HP shopping experience. Prior to that, I was at Intel as a Brand Journalist for Intel Free Press where I investigated, interviewed and wrote articles about technology and people in and around Intel. The target audience was technology journalists and the content that I produced was designed to be used freely without attribution by that audience. You can read my explanation of what Brand Journalism is if you are curious. I was also a Social Media Strategist for the Global Public Relations group.

For over 5 years, I was the Technology Evangelist for GoGrid, a Cloud Computing Infrastructure Provider. (What is a Technology Evangelist? Read my explanation!) I created GoGrid’s blogging and social media presences (achieving a Klout score of 78 in July 2013 – Klout is no longer in existence unfortunately) and launched and positioned GoGrid within the Cloud Community through the use of Social Media, Social Marketing, Public and Press Relations and corporate blogging — evangelizing the large and growing benefits of outsourced server infrastructure in the cloud. I have well over 15 years of Product, Account and Engineering Management experience, as well as a passion for all types of technologies.

My desire is to bridge the gap between the technical and marketing aspects of various products and services, but doing so in a way that is understandable by most, informative and unique. Also, the product reviews that you see on HighTechDad.com are done from the perspective of a parent – how well does it integrate into a family environment, how easy is it for children to use, how does the price point match against an “average” family, and once and a while, I even include my children in a review!

I received a Bachelor of Arts in English and Comparative Literatures at Occidental College in Los Angeles as well as a Marketing Certification at U.C. Berkeley Extension in San Francisco. After college, I lived in Madrid, Spain for two years as I made my best efforts to avoid getting sucked into the workforce – in Madrid, I taught English to business executives and government members. My technology expertise is completely self-taught and I try to provide regular critical analysis of technology trends. You can read more about my Work Experience in my LinkedIn profile.

I do frequently provide consultation services to companies, brands and other parties who need the expert advice of a technology and marketing professional. See my business site: HTDStrategies.com.

I Love Technology.

About HighTechDad.com

This blog was conceptualized long before blogging became as popular as it is now. I had the desire to create a way to provide helpful insight to people and my first thought was doing a How-To book. The problem was, writing a book takes time and was slow (it did not reflect the speed of technology). So when blogging started to become more prevalent, I jumped in feet first – my first post was on Nov 3rd, 2005). The rest is history.

Below is an interview I gave to StartUp TV back in 2013. Learn about my background and how HighTechDad started as well as some advise to others looking to start up a blog, site, or company.

Keeping on the cutting edge of technology takes a lot of time. I’m lucky that I do have a following and many PR firms and companies now regularly contact me to get their products reviewed. My wife calls technology “the other woman” which should make it clear how passionate I am about it. This blog is a hobby that continues at a very healthy growth rate.

Here are a few awards that HighTechDad has received over time:

  • Man of Many Blog Award
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  • FeedSpot Top Dads 2017
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I am frequently approached by the media and referenced by other writers and I’m happy to participate in outreach. Below is a clip from WGN-TV in Chicago which I appeared live on.

I do, however, need to make some public disclaimers and notices in order to maintain transparency (the buzzword du jour). If you have any questions, I encourage you to contact me.

Product Sample Return Policy

Apart from the tiny amount of advertising revenue I receive from this blog (as well as an occasional sponsorship), I receive no financial compensation for these articles. I do this solely because of my fascination of technology…which verges on an addiction. To that end, my policy is that any samples that are sent to me, remain in my possession. There are extreme cases where I make an exception to this policy, but for the most part, this levels the playing field for everyone.

It takes time to write an intelligent and unique review, I spend on average a few hours writing it, plus the time it takes to take product shots, do videos, and evaluating the product itself. Finding time to do this is difficult so the compensation I receive is frequently only in the form of keeping the product itself. The result is a carefully crafted review that is helpful to my audience, but also to the brand. I will be completely honest in my reviews: where there are positives, there will also be negatives.


  • I will provide an honest review across the board
  • I will write about both positives and negatives about your hardware or software or website or service
  • If the sample must be returned (I don’t typically do this), please ensure that there is ample time for me to review it AND provide return shipping
  • I will disclose in my review that I received the product/service for free, as a sample or as a “thank you for taking time to review and write” (this was implemented in July 2009)
  • I will NOT take monetary payment for posting a review (unless as part of a sponsorship program and this is fully disclosed)
  • I will NOT insert text into a previous review advertising your product or site for money – send me a sample and I will review it
  • I will do my best to provide a timely review (especially with new product launches), however some reviews may be queued for later release or until the product is fully reviewed

Affiliates, Advertising & Sponsorships

I do periodically run Amazon or other affiliate links within some of my reviews on HighTechDad.com. Typically, I mention the current price of the hardware or software and provide a link directly to the product as listed on Amazon or similar site. If you do click on those links (which I would appreciate that you do) and order a product, I do receive a tiny bit of compensation (2-4% of the purchase price). Regardless of whether you click through my Amazon affiliate links or go directly to Amazon or purchase through another site advertised on my blog, the price you pay is the same. The only difference is, if you go directly to Amazon and don’t use any of my provided links, I don’t receive any type of commission. I also use other affiliate programs like Skimlinks.

In addition to the Amazon Affiliate program, I run other affiliate links and sponsorships to help offset some of the expenses associated with running this site.

Brands I’ve Worked With

I have had the good fortune to work with a variety of large and smaller brands on difference influencer and brand ambassador programs. Below you can see a collection of the most notable (click the logo to learn more), but I view each and every piece of content that I produce to be equally important.

Here are a few kind words some of the Brands or Agencies I have worked with have said:

My reviews tend to be long (I enjoy writing). But I spend lots of time understanding a particular product, service or piece of technology, especially how it can (or can't) integrate into a family lifestyle or environment.

If you are viewing on a desktop computer, click any of the logos below to learn more about my work with a particular brand.

Lastly, if you are a brand or PR firm, please be sure to read my "10 Ways Brands Can Work More Effectively with Top-Tier Bloggers" as there are some tips there that you might find useful and helpful.


Quantcast.com has a page where you can view my site's audience breakdown but the numbers seem a bit lower compared to Google Analytics (which I can supply upon request). You can see the Quantcast data here.

Here are some quick stats and other info about HighTechDad.com. I update this fairly frequently. This was last updated August 2017.

Programs I have participated in

I have had the honor of participating in a variety of programs with various brands. I also contribute articles to some select sites. Some of these are:


As with all of my posts, I need to make a disclosure to ensure that I follow the important FTC guidelines and associated codes of ethics. I frequently receive products, services, compensation and travel that are covered by companies and/or agencies. Once the FTC published their guidelines in July 2009, I have fully complied and all blog posts after that date now include a Disclosure within the post (posts prior to this date, do not). However, as stated previously, this compensation in no way affects how I write my content or reviews. That being said and for true transparency:

Disclosure: In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing various corporations, companies, agencies and individuals have provided me with free samples, products, services, travel or other expenses or compensation in order for me to complete my reviews or write about a particular subject.

Intel: I am disclosing that I was an Intel Advisor (a program run by Intel Corporation) in the past. I was compensated in the past for my participation in this program.  However, the content and thoughts shared about Intel are my own. The postings and articles on this site (www.HighTechDad.com) and my other social and blogging presences (e.g., social media and content sites) are my own and don't necessarily represent Intel's positions, strategies, or opinions.

I hope you enjoy HighTechDad.com and find the information therein valuable!

(updated: 07.10.19)