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IoT Confessions from the War Room - white board strategy

IoT Confessions from the War Room – A Content Marketing Experiment #2

Part 2 of my corporate content writing example. Be sure to read the other articles for context. When writing corporate content, try different approaches, styles, and tactics. For this IoT solution article, I chose to write about IoT in the form of a TV script. This is a possible example of how Content Marketing can become a bit less “scripted.”

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Brand journalist - long form content

Why You Should Write Long-Form Content & Blog Articles

This has always been a debate: which is better – long-form content or short-form content? My opinion is that long-form is better for story-telling. Other experts agree. And Google is smarter now giving longer form QUALITY content a higher rank. My recommendations & other experts’ tips in this article.

Baby steps towards progress

Small Steps Make A Bigger Impact – Overcoming Violence

As the United States is hit with yet another violent and tragic school shooting, as concerned citizens we must do something. In-action is plaguing our government and the violence continues. But perhaps taking smaller steps is the answer. This opinion article discusses this approach.