Powerbook unboxing – Part 3

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So, I got my wonderful Powerbook back from Apple Care yesterday. Yes, they fixed the issue of the ALS (Ambient light sensor). Now I’m shopping around for a good local vendor to help install the keyboard that I purchased on eBay. I have found a couple of local candidates and I’m just checking prices now.

I would have tried to do this myself, but after reading through the Apple Tech Manual as well as the wonderful guides at www.ifixit.com, I felt that it might be better to have someone who has the tools and knows what they are doing, to do the work. I have, in the past, installed new hard drives in the following: Powerbook 15″, Powerbook 12″ and iMac DVSE (as well as built my own PC and upgraded countless others). This time, I’m going to leave it in the hands of the experts!

I almost have a “new” Powerbook…obviously it pales in comparison to the just announced MacBook Pro’s (Intel Core 2 Duo’s)…dang. I guess a TechDad can dream! (Anyone care to give me one?)

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