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iPhone: SummerBoard 3.0a11 released – works with 1.1.1 firmware

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Just a quick note, SummerBoard has been updated to now work on iPhone 1.1.1 firmware. There are now two types of installers in AppTapp, one for pre 1.1.1 firmware, titled “Summerboard (Old)” – version 2.11 -, and this new one just called “SummerBoard” – version 3.0a11. It can be found under the System Category (or folder if you are running the new AppTapp Installer mentioned here).

If you are running firmware 1.1.1 and try using the OLD version of SummerBoard, you will see your dock on the top of your screen instead of the bottom. The new version of SummerBoard corrects this and all seems to be working ok. I have installed a few new themes and they seem to be working (again, I’m on a Jailbroken but NOT unlocked iPhone with firmware 1.1.1). If you install the wrong version, you will know right away. If your dock is on the top, just uninstall that version of SummerBoard and put the other one in.

Litho Theme

Themes work great (I particularly like how “Litho” looks…very different than the others out there). Note that not all themes have custom icons made, but if the author updates the theme, you will get notified of the update. I haven’t found a way yet (probably haven’t looked deep enough) to rearrange the apps on SummerBoard the way you could before but I’m sure: 1) I missed it and/or 2) an update to that is on it’s way.

HTD says: SummerBoard is back for Firmware 1.1.1!