iGear Unlimited Flip Turn Case & Keyboard: Make your iPad Mini a Mini Computer

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I always recommend getting a case for your tablet or smartphone. It’s important to protect your investment. Sometimes, however, a case can go beyond  providing simple protection, it can give utility as well. The iGear Unlimited has a very useful protective case that actually has multiple functions, starting with a Bluetooth keyboard.


The iGear Unlimited Flip Turn Case is designed to hold an iPad Mini or Mini 2 with Retina. You simply snap the iPad mini into the top case which holds it firmly in place.


I’m very particular to keyboards. In the past, I reviewed some that had only one SHIFT key and I didn’t like having to change my typing habits. The iGear keyboard has larger sized SHIFT keys as well as Control, Option and Command keys. There is also a dedicated Home button as well as various Function keys for things like media playback, cutting, copying and pasting  and for showing the on-screen keyboard.


The keyboard is charged via a micro-USB cable. There is an on-off switch (physical one) and there are lights that indicate if the Caps Lock is on and if you are pairing with your iPad. I did find that sometimes you had to turn off and on the Bluetooth switch in the iPad mini and even re-pair the keyboard. That being said, it was only a minor inconvenience.

The Flip Turn Case is not just a keyboard that makes your iPad like a mini laptop, it is also a case (obviously), folding down to protect the iPad. When the iPad senses (via magnets) that it is closed, it shuts the screen off automatically (much the way many of the smart covers do). And when you open it back up, the iPad Mini turns back on.

Aside from flipping open and closed, the case’s hinge also is a pivot. Unlike laptops that typically have wires that run up the hinge, limited the number or times you can pivot or turn the screen, this is a unlimited pivot screen.


The screen can completely fold down (see picture above) and you can hold your iPad simply like an iPad (it does add a bit to the width).


You can also use the base (keyboard) as a presentation holder. This way you can angle your iPad easily to watch movies or videos or, if you are in a business setting, easily show a presentation to your audience.

HighTechDad Ratings

As I was looking for a protective cover for my iPad Mini, this case served that purpose. While I don’t think the Flip Turn Case would protect my iPad from a catastrophic fall, it does protect the edges as well as the cover. Since I have fairly large hands, I found the keyboard to be a bit cramped for me to easily type. It’s good for shorter spurts of typing and perhaps over time I would be come more accustomed to it. If you have kids and they need to learn how to type, this is a perfect keyboard for them to do so. I wouldn’t exactly call the keys “soft touch” as they do make noise when you type.

The case has an MSRP of $79.00 (on their site) but you can pick it on Amazon now for $69. For what you get, I think the Amazon price point is reasonable so be sure to grab it on Amazon!


The construction seems solid and there are some nice thought out details of padding to protect the iPad from touching the keyboard when closed, for example. The case weighs about a pound and is only slightly wider and longer than the iPad Mini. When closed, the thickness is about 0.8 inches.

Pairing the keyboard and the iPad is pretty straight forward and apart from losing connectivity occasionally, worked just fine.

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HTD says: If you want to both protect your iPad Mini as well as add some nice functionality as a viewing stand and a keyboard, you may want to pick up an iGear Unlimited Flip Turn Case.