How to Fix iTunes Error 1723 When Syncing iPhone or iPad

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I stumbled across an error when I was syncing my Apple iPhone 5S running on Apple’s iOS 8 with iTunes on my Mac. It was an iTunes Error 1723. Apple errors are always a bit cryptic and sometimes require you to do some searching to find a solution. So, hopefully you found this article while searching for “how to fix iTunes Error 1723” or someone linked to this fix-it article. Anyway, the problem is quite easy to fix if you are encountering iTunes error 1723 on a Mac.



The error states “The iPhone [insert iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch name] cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (1723).” Cryptic, right? However, I had encountered something like this before and the fix was identical. I’m not sure if something may have been introduced within iOS 8 that could be causing this issue. They made some changes to how iPhoto (on an iOS device) works – essentially, they killed the need to have iPhoto and put robust editing capabilities right into the Camera and Photos apps.

How to Fix iTunes Error 1723

Luckily, in just a few minutes, you can fix this iTunes Error 1723. Here’s what you do (and NOTE, this is for users who sync their iOS devices on a Mac, not sure about PC or if this error exists on a PC):

  1. Quit iTunes
  2. Go to your Home folder
  3. Open Pictures folder
  4. Select to iPhoto Library
  5. Right click and choose “Show Package Contents”
  6. Within Package Contents, right-click on file called “iPod Photo Cache” and choose “Move to Trash”
  7. Empty the Trash
  8. Exit the iPhoto Library package content file
  9. Open iTunes
  10. Connect iOS device and re-sync
  11. iTunes Error 1723 gone (hopefully)!

After deleting the iPod Photo Cache file, it doesn’t seem to be recreated with subsequent syncs. So, I’m guessing it is some legacy functionality. It may appear if you have older iOS devices or are not running on iOS 8. Please let me know if this fix for iTunes Error 1723 worked for you by leaving a comment.

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