iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Rumor Round-up

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The Apple Watch is here…well almost. But we all pretty much know what it will have, what it will look like, what it will cost, and many of us are just waiting for it to adorn wrists around the world. But many people, myself included, are looking further down the road, past the March 9th event (most likely about the Watch) and on to WWDC 2015 (the Apple World Wide Developer Conference) where new (or updated) Apple products are announced. I, and others, expect Apple to announce the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.


iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Rumor Roundup

Here’s a list of rumors around the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus from a variety of sources with links to their articles on the topic as well as a few of my own ideas. As a reader of this content, you need to try to separate the fact from fiction.

  • There WILL be a new iPhone 6S and a 6S Plus (but some speculate there may even been a 6c or even a 7 which would be different from the 6S and 6S Plus [knowyourmobile.com]
  • Design will most likely remain the same (accessory manufacturers should rejoice)
  • New iPhone 6S & 6S Plus may have updated Samsung A9 processor [recode.net]
  • iOS 9 will debut with it [9to5Mac.com]
  • The iPhone 6S/6S Plus may have an updated Touch ID sensor [appleinsider.com]
  • The phones may include a new Force Touch feature where tapping and pressing hard on the screen could be different input types [bgr.com]
  • Apple may allow larger iOS app sizes, increasing the limit from 2 GB to 4 GB [bgr.com]
  • Debate on camera changes continue; one side says the 8 MP camera will remain, other side says there is a new 2-lens camera coming [macrumors.com]
  • The new iPhones may have a Saphire lens produced by Foxconn [macrumors.com]
  • Apple may bump up the RAM of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to 2 GB from the current 1 GB [techradar.com]
  • I expect the storage size to mirror the current arrangement (16 GB – too small, 64 GB – the sweet spot and 128 GB for those with deep pockets, completely skipping the 32 GB as last time)
  • The colors will probably not changes with Apple sticking to Silver, Gold and Metallic Gray


My Take on the iPhone 6S & 6S Plus

When will we see the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus (which some people have aliased as the “iPhone 7”)? Most likely in time for the holiday season or in the Fall at the earliest. If the iPhone 7 will be a completely different version, I wouldn’t expect to see it in 2015. Keeping the form-factor the same means that components can simply be swapped out (with little re-arranging). A new processor, if anything, may be smaller. Swapping out the camera for a 2-lens deal may be trickier so the option to keep the already great camera the same may be the path of least resistance. Touch ID sensor would need to fit in the same area but could have some chip re-arrangement as well. Adding more RAM shouldn’t pose any major rearrangement, I don’t believe.

Of course, there are always wish-lists. But I won’t add any to the list. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are pretty solid smartphones. (If you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, be sure to check out my tips article.)  I expect those opting for the 6S and 6S Plus will be those wanting the latest-and-greatest Apple technology, those who skipped the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and are upgrading from the 5-series or below, and those with those envious deep pockets.

HTD says: I’m looking forward to see what will keep Apple’s iPhone sales on their incredible trajectory.