5 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Classic Jazz, Hair Styling, Fruit BBQ, “Cool” Shirt, & Pulse Check

Wondering what Father's Day gift to get dad? Here are 5 gift ideas that cover Music, Style, Food, Clothing, & Health that can make a happy Father's Day.

For many people, getting a Father’s Day gift for dad or for the father figure in the family can be a struggle. And, while I’m often the advocate of getting a gadget or technology for a dad, believe it or not, not all dads like tech. Gasp! I know, right? But never fear, there are plenty of other options available. If kids are young, there is nothing better than a homemade gift (I think my dad still has a wooden pencil holder I made in high school wood shop). If, however, you or your kids are of the creative type, there are endless other possibilities. Here are a few other ideas to hopefully inspire those Father’s Day gift givers out there. From music, to style, to food, to clothing, to health – I’ve got some gift thoughts for you!

Father's Day Gift idea - Music, Style, Food, Clothing & Health

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So get those Father’s Day shopping lists ready! Here are some unique Father’s Day gift ideas for inspiration!

The Smooth Sounds of Classic Jazz

If you haven’t noticed, vinyl has made a comeback! In fact, I had a feeling it would as I still have my turntable from my high school and college days, complete with wine boxes filled with my old records. And while digital recordings are great and extremely “portable,” I find that vinyl has a warmth to it that is hard to reproduce in digital form. For decades, Universal Music Group has been identifying and developing artists from around the globe – from classics to modern hits, Universal Music Group has been building a vast collection of music to delight all ages of listeners.

Father's Day Gift idea - Music - John Coltrane jazz vinyl

Take, for example, the master of jazz, John Coltrane. “A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters” is a 3-LP set that deserves to be played on a record player. If dad is a jazz fan, then this collection is a must-have. There is even a booklet with photos and written information covering some of the history of this jazz great.

But if jazz isn’t the type of tune to get dad moving, Universal Music Group has pretty much every genre covered, so you can’t go wrong picking up his favorite artist. Any doing it on vinyl is a great way to throw-back to the days of the natural sound of recordings.

Style that Hair!

I consider myself a bit lucky that my hair hasn’t receded too much (my eyebrows, on the other hand, seem to be sprouting like weeds – I just don’t get that!). And while I like keeping my hair short (it does hide some of the gray brought by my kids), I do still use “product” in my hair to make it somewhat stay in place. Another reason I keep my hair short is because I like spending no more than 5 minutes in the morning on my hair. Get it wet, put in some gel, spike some of it up and lay the rest flat, and I move on.

Father's Day Gift idea - Style - Sexy Hair gel

I think Sexy Hair has this process in mind actually. Their Hard Up Gel seems to be designed for me. With just a dab, on my wet hair I can spike and sculpt it to my liking in just a few minutes. And this firm hold, styling gel will last!

Here’s an idea for you. Pick up dad a tube of the Hard Up gel and help him find a new look. Younger kids could even have some fun and make a Daddy Makeover as a dad and kid activity!

Forget Flowers – Go Edible!

Funny thing is, my wife doesn’t like getting flowers actually (or so she tells me). While flowers are pretty, after a few days, they die. Visually they are great, but that’s about it. This is where Edible Arrangements is a super differentiator. Not only are they amazing to look at, colorful and creative, after you take in their beauty visually, you can enjoy them in yet another way – by eating them.

Father's Day Gift idea - Food - Edible Arrangements

One of their new arrangements, the Sizzlin’ Grill Line, is a perfect gift for dad, especially if he is into BBQing or if you are going to have a Father’s Day celebration. This particular arrangement from Edible Arrangements looks like a BBQ, complete with flames leaping high. With carefully cut cantaloupes and pineapples shaped to look like flames, and chocolate-covered marshmallow briquettes, and flaming red chocolate-dipped strawberries, all amazingly arranged in a mini BBQ grill, this Edible Arrangement will definitely be the centerpiece of conversation on Father’s Day.

Edible Arrangements has all types of gifts and gift baskets available for this Father’s Day. And, I have a special $10 Off discount code (for orders of $50 and over – valid through 6/18/17). Just enter BLOG6701 at checkout!

Father's Day Gift idea - Food - Edible Arrangements close up

Oh, and the fruit is incredibly fresh and the chocolate mouthwatering! My family and I have pretty much devoured ours (which is hard to do given how amazing these look)! While it’s a great gift idea for dad, it’s something the whole family can enjoy.

A “Cool” Dad

I realize I can be a bit hot-headed with my kids from time to time. Rooms might not be cleaned up to my liking. Or perhaps they are just being a bit too crazy (when I need quiet). But, many of us dads strive to be “cool” in more ways than one. Here’s an idea on a way to make your dad “cool” in the more literal meaning of the word. Arctic Cool is a brand that makes cool garments, literally. They use their HydroFreeze X Cooling Technology to help sweaty guys (and gals) to use that moisture to cool you off more quickly than with traditional clothing.

Father's Day Gift idea - Clothing - Arctic Cool

Take, for example, the Men’s Instant Cooling Crew Neck Shirt with Mesh. This sporty, activewear shirt comes in black, blue, white, blue, and navy and is designed to drop your temperature up to 30 degrees! You can wear it tight or a bit looser and still get the benefits of the sweat-wicking process. The moisture is designed to get wetness away from the skin and dispersed throughout the clothing fibers. It’s great for a gym workout or any type of exercise that gets the sweat flowing.

Another nice thing is, these are machine-washable and durable. Got questions? Be sure to check out the Arctic Cool FAQ section. Personally, I’m looking forward to using this high-tech shirt on my next grueling hike! (And hopefully, my kids will think I look cool while staying cool!)

Keeping a Pulse on Dad

I saved a little bit of tech for last. And while this isn’t a tech gadget like a video game or TV or something like that, it definitely goes straight to the heart of dads. The Kardia Mobile by AliveCor is an FDA-approved device (and app-based service) designed to keep a pulse on dad. It detects atrial fibrillation, the leading cause of stroke. Heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in the U.S, (more than all forms of cancer combined). And, stroke is the 3rd leading cause of death.

Father's Day Gift idea - Health - Kardia Mobile

The Kardia Mobile is a device that provides clinical grade mobile EKG monitoring, all designed to keep track of your heart health. No larger than a credit card in size, in a quick 30 seconds, you can get a clinical-grade EKG reading to detect possible atrial fibrillation.

When you attach it to your smartphone and use the free AliveCor app (for iOS and Android), you can track 5 modifiable risks factors for stroke including: heart rhythm, blood pressure, weight, physical activity, and resting heart rate.  (Note: a premium subscription is required for some options.) You can even record voice notes when you are recording your EKG so that you have a history linked with a reading.

All of this tech goodness is designed to keep dads happy and healthy!

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! Hopefully, these five items inspired some gift-giving ideas for this Father’s Day. With themes like Music, Style, Food, Clothing, and Health, you really can’t go wrong. Spend some time thinking out the best thing for your dad. Get creative and dare to be different. Honestly, the days of giving a necktie are in the past! Dads want (and deserve) more! What are you planning to give your dad?

Father's Day Gift idea - BabbleBoxx

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HTD says: With the themes of Music, Style, Food, Clothing, or Health, you have many of the gift ideas covered for this Father’s Day! Dare to be unique and creative to make this Father’s Day even more memorable!

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