This is NOT me…

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At work, we were playing around with the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on Google Search…there were some funny things that come up. I thought that with a name as common as mine, I would help to clear up all of the confusion in the world about who I am and who I am NOT…so…

  • This is NOT me (too bad)
  • This is NOT me (very timely)
  • This is NOT me (wow…lots of concerts!)
  • This is NOT me (Hollywood…here I come!)
  • This is NOT me (care to debate that?)

Google also has some funny combinations that come up…e.g., Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan

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Apple Care – Part 4 – back for more repairs (ALS broken)

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Well, I must say that I have been getting to know Apple Care a bit more that I really would have wanted to. Where I last left off, Apple had totally “styled me out” by fixing my case with new parts…however, it looks like they forgot to connect the Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) when they put it all together.

For those who don’t know about the ALS, it basically allows certain Powerbooks to have a back light keyboard light up under dark environments (e.g., typing in bed when you are supposed to be sleeping – grin – ). Normally, there is a setting on the Keyboard System Preferences that allows you to tell the machine to control the keyboard lighting. Mine was missing. So, I did some pretty diligent troubleshooting before calling up Apple Care again. Once again, searching through support threads on the web, I did the following:

  • – Created a new admin user. Checked the Keyboard preferences –> No setting
  • – Deleted the from myusername/Library/Preferences (for admin and normal user) as well as from computer/Library/Preferences and rebooted. Checked Keyboard preferences –> No setting
  • – Installed an app called Lab Tick which is supposed to allow you to manual control the ALS through a top panel dropdown menu. By running that app, I got the message “Failed to find backlit keyboard. Your Macintosh does not seem to have a backlit keyboard”

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Windows Update Error 80245003 – Windows Update won’t run on Vista RC2

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Updated on 06.25.07: I have added some more detailed steps based on feedback I received. See end of post for further details.

I’m playing around with Windows Vista on a test box that I have. So far, it’s looking like a fairly nice upgrade to XP. It doesn’t feel like a complete overhaul (which, from my understanding, it somewhat is since many items have been reworked from the ground up). I’ve gone through the various cycles and now have found myself at RC2 (running the Windows Ultimate version).

I have installed this using VMware as well, testing integration with an Active Directory domain. For the most part, joining the domain and hooking in Office 2007 beta worked fine (including and extremely easy integration of Outlook into my corp account). However, a few months ago, after attaching to an Active Directory domain that had a server that managed Critical Updates from a centralized point, I lost the ability to do Windows Updates. It turns out that the server that managed Critical Updates needed to be patched to allow Vista to connect. After reading the documentation, I found that the upgrade process was a bit sketchy, so I took a different route and just detatched from the Active Directory domain. Then I was able to run updates without any problems.

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Helper apps for the Mac (specifically Remote Desktop Connection)

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I’m sure that if you are a mac user and you use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop (RDC) to connect to other PCs, that you have become frustrated on how limited the capabilities are. I found a couple of tools that may help with that lack-luster experience.

First, there is RDC Menu.

” RDC Menu adds an icon to your menubar, allowing you easy access to launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client.

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Fun with PHPSurveyor v1.08a2

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I’m finally getting back to testing out other opensource software. I just installed the latest version of PHPSurveyor (1.08a2) and ran into some .htaccess madness. No matter what I did, after initializing the security features (which depend on .htaccess and .htpasswd), I could not get passed the login prompt. Also, I noticed that my .htpasswd file showed my password in the clear (that isn’t very secure). So, did some searching around and found this bug that was logged. After applying the fix, the login worked fine and the .htpasswd did NOT show the password in the clear…it was encrypted.

Now that it is all installed, I plan on going back and adding some surveys for amusement. I will post some links to my blog to showcase this product. As usual…more later!

Apple Care came through with flying colors!

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OK, it looks like the saga is over. Today, I finally received my laptop today (see all of the previous posts). Actually, I was pretty impressed with this round. I shipped the laptop this past Monday, it was received and fixed on the same day (Tuesday) and shipped back on Wednesday. I missed the delivery on Thursday, but today, I got it. And let me tell you, Apple Care really came through!

The “unboxing” was the biggest scare…just from remembering last time. However, this time, I was really pleasantly suprised. The first thing that I noticed was that my laptop was actually closed…something that it couldn’t due before (due to a hinge being bent). Then I read through the “Parts Description” section and found out what had been fixed or replaced: the battery (new), Display (what I had originally sent the thing in for – replaced), Bezel (new), top and bottom case. Looks like the top case is a refurb one (scratches on it) and the bottom case a new one. The really did a great job and the computer looks almost like new.

So, after all of my bitching and emailing and complaining, I had a successful end result. Kudos to Apple. The next one that I get, I will be sure that I get Apple Care with it. Two thumps up!

“All your base are belong to us” –’s version…

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My grumble factor about one of my hosting providers is getting higher. I have had a series of exchanges with them about the possibility of upgrading their mySQL servers to one that is more current (and one that supports activeCollab and SugarCRM). The saga continues…

First, they sent me a link to what versions they currently have installed (which I already knew from a previous support exchange but it was nice to have listed). Then they sent me this cryptic reply to a question that I sent to them regarding if it would be possible to upgrade in the future.

Dear Michael,

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