Dual-boot: Mac OSX and Ubuntu (Part II)

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Well, I’m making this post from my 12″ Powerbook G4, wirelessly connected to the internet using Ubuntu. Yep, you guessed it, I got the wireless working. Not the most elegant of solutions, but it works. I have have a fully functional, dual-boot, Mac OSX 10.4.8 and Ubuntu 6.10 system.

So, here is what I did…and the guides I followed:

Step 5 – Getting Wireless Working

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Dual-boot: Mac OSX and Ubuntu (Part I)

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OK, I admit it…I was bored. And a bit envious of those Intel-macs that can dual boot to Windows (or run Parallels). So, I figured that I would have some fun with my 12″ Powerbook and set it up to dual boot with my favorite Linux flavor (next to OSX, of course) Ubuntu. Yes, don’t forget, OSX is unix ((Please see this comment for some clarification)) with a lot of great eye candy.

So, with Google as my friend, I quickly embarked on this journey this afternoon. I had already installed many different versions of Ubuntu on another machine that I had (as well as other versions of linux including Scientific Linux, RedHat and others), so I knew what I was getting into. But dual-boot on a Powerbook? What’s the point?

I did it because I hadn’t done it before. It’s sort of the same reason that climbers climb mountains, “because they are there.” It’s also a nice way to learn Linux/Unix and still be able to “relax” with a quick booting to OSX.

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Way behind on my posts

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Just been way to busy. Here are some highlights of things that I have done:

  • Update my activeCollab site to the latest Release Candidate
  • Fixed my wife’s computer (issues with RAM upgrade and Windows XP)
  • Helped a friend get reconnected on their wireless network
  • Helped another friend get their Powerbook on their wireless network as well as got them off of a non-secured wireless environment
  • Installed Cerberus Helpdesk at work (moving toward production)
  • Created the “second scariest” Halloween decorated house in the neighborhood
  • Cleaned out our garage
  • Moved from Internet Explorer 7 to Maxthon 2 Preview (
  • Watched my daughter almost score two goals
  • Struggled to get PageFlakes to work on Safari (still like NetVibes better)
  • Fixed my Windows Mobile phone network issues (changed my APN)
  • Worked on my 2007 work budget/forecast
  • Started evaluating a Microsoft Small Business Finance application
  • Set up FeedBurner on this blog
  • Harvested the renegade pumpkins growing in our front yard and carved them for Halloween
  • Cleaned my gutters
  • Experienced a neighborhood subterranean termite swarm (and panicked)
  • And a bunch of other stuff (grin)

Microsoft Outlook 2003 and ZoneAlarm anti-spam plugin issues

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I recently had some issues with my ZoneAlarm install and MS Outlook 2003 and the Anti-Spam plug-in. Whenever I launched Outlook, the ZoneAlarm plugin was not initializing despite efforts to enable (through ZA and through the COM add-in within Outlook). I found a solution that seems to have worked. Basically, you need to fully delete the COM add-in and then recreate from scratch. To do this, just follow the following steps:

1) Open “Tools->Options…”
2) Click on the “Other” tab.
3) Click on “Advanced Options’.
4) Click on “COM Add-Ins”
5) Remove “MailBuddy Outlook Addin”
6) Add “MailBuddy Outlook Addin” it back in by choosing “C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\MailFrontier\mlfoshim.dll”

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Installed the keyboard myself!

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Well, I figured that I would try to save a little bit of $$$ and get some more notches in the tech belt and install the new keyboard on my Powerbook myself. I used the great guides (as previously mentioned) at iFixIt.com. I definitely recommend them. Anyway, the installation went relatively well, but I had to do it twice (the second time was a lot easier).

One thing that was left out of a few of the install guides that I looked at was the fact that on the replacement keyboard, there is some nondescript black tape that should be removed. If it isn’t removed, the backlit keyboard isn’t fully lit. I found that out the hard way.
Anyway, keyboard is installed and I’m breaking it in. Here are some pictures of it fully cracked open on the operating table…I feel pretty good about this one!

Powerbook on the table #1 Powerbook on the table #2