A happy ending to the Apple Support Vicious Circle

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Well, I didn’t think it would happen…but it did. Finally, I was able to talk to someone live…after being on hold for 35 minutes. This time, when I went through the SAME status line, there was an option to talk to a representative. So, I got that option, was on hold then, nicely, pleaded my case to the rep. I have found through experience that if you act calmly and nicely, yet articulate and clearly present your case without yelling or screaming, you have better success (than being belligerent).

The support guy read through the file history…lots of “Ok’s” and “Uh huhs” to no one in particular. (I am wondering if he was reading all of the emails that I had sent…grin!) Then he said that he would talk to a Dispatch person for a while. I was put on hold again.

When he came back, he asked me if I had ever received an extension from the initial Rep who had left me a message. I told him, no…there was no way for a week for me to get ahold of anyone. So, he then said that the display WAS covered under a special case (sounded a bit like he was just B.S.ing me) and that the initial rep should have known that. (Sounds to me like they didn’t expect me to bitch and moan…)

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Stuck in a vicious Apple support circle

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Ok, I just have to vent for a bit here…but first I want to say that I have always loved Macs and Apple computer…I endorse them, support them, fix them and use them. I’m encouraged with their recent decisions, intel chip, dual boot, fun with Parallels, etc. Wish I could get a new Intel-based one….some day. But I digress…

Here’s the background of my “hellish” support issue with Apple. I was reading the Apple Support site trying to figure out if one of my 2 G4 laptops were affected by the battery recall (1 yes, 1 no). Then I read about a display issue on the 15″ Apple G4 Powerbook. I realized, after reading through the case, that mine was experiencing the same symptoms, however, the serial number did not fall within the range.

Since I still had about 200 days left in my AppleCare, I took the laptop in to the nearest Apple store. They reviewed it and told me that it wasn’t part of the serial number extended warranty, however that it might be covered under my AppleCare. The only “issue” was that there was some damage on the case of the laptop. The Genius Bar guy said that they would review it.

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Cookie Monster killed my Safari

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Over the past few days, I had been having issues with Safari simply crashing every time that I launched it. No matter what I did (Disk Repair, Repair Permissions, etc.), I was unable to correct. I had to resort to using Firefox (which I actually now kind of like a bit better). So, on a whim, I posted to the User Discussion groups on the Apple Support page and within a day, I got an answer that seems to have worked. So, I figured that I would share it, in case anyone else is encountering similar issues. No promises though on if it will work for you.

Basically, from the crash log that I posted, it looked like my cookies file had become corrupted. The crash log had the following line:

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Fun with OpenSource

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Some interesting opensource items that I have been playing with:

  • JitterBit Integration Server – pretty nice stand alone integration server with various types of hooks
  • activeCollab – a flat out opensource “attack” at BaseCamp
  • SugarCRM – an extremely solid implementation of a CRM solution (although I’m slammed with a upgrade error due to my hosting provider having an old version of mySQL)
  • Cerberus Helpdesk – very nice HelpDesk solutions. Great for a small biz (free license). I use it
  • Owl KnowledgeBase – nice document management system but I need to dig down on its features more
  • KnowledgebasePublisher – great KnowledgeBase app…very simple and it works well
  • PHPSurveyor – online survey like surveymonkey. haven’t visited in a while.

I frankly think that there is a lot of value in understanding some of the established and new releases of opensource software. I find that frequently, companies throw big money at expensive solutions, when there are opensource solutions available that can do just as good of a job at a fraction of the price. The only drawbacks are the fact that if you want an end-to-end solution for something, you might be at a loss. Some things can be patched or strung together. My goal is not to look for huge enterprise solutions for large corporations, but rather, understand how opensource or paid-for opensource can be used to acheive a solution or success.

I think that a lot of people look at the software first and then see if it will fit, instead of trying to understand what the issue(s) is(are) and then work to identifying a solution. E.g. “PeopleSoft will solve all of your needs” … when it should be, what truly is the issue, are there other smaller packages that can acheive the same result without having the mass expenditure to only use a fraction of the product, or, getting hammered as well on the hidden costs of upgrading supporting applications or technology as well as integration with legacy systems.

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Trying to re-engage…

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I’m trying to see if I can get back to doing more things with this blog…life always throws you in different directions. Since the last post about Anti-Spyware software, I have been busy evaluating all sorts of different technologies and software (including the fact that I’m using a Firefox Extension called Performancing to post to this blog).
Stay tuned…more fun to come!!!