Fun with OpenSource

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Some interesting opensource items that I have been playing with:

  • JitterBit Integration Server – pretty nice stand alone integration server with various types of hooks
  • activeCollab – a flat out opensource “attack” at BaseCamp
  • SugarCRM – an extremely solid implementation of a CRM solution (although I’m slammed with a upgrade error due to my hosting provider having an old version of mySQL)
  • Cerberus Helpdesk – very nice HelpDesk solutions. Great for a small biz (free license). I use it
  • Owl KnowledgeBase – nice document management system but I need to dig down on its features more
  • KnowledgebasePublisher – great KnowledgeBase app…very simple and it works well
  • PHPSurveyor – online survey like surveymonkey. haven’t visited in a while.

I frankly think that there is a lot of value in understanding some of the established and new releases of opensource software. I find that frequently, companies throw big money at expensive solutions, when there are opensource solutions available that can do just as good of a job at a fraction of the price. The only drawbacks are the fact that if you want an end-to-end solution for something, you might be at a loss. Some things can be patched or strung together. My goal is not to look for huge enterprise solutions for large corporations, but rather, understand how opensource or paid-for opensource can be used to acheive a solution or success.

I think that a lot of people look at the software first and then see if it will fit, instead of trying to understand what the issue(s) is(are) and then work to identifying a solution. E.g. “PeopleSoft will solve all of your needs” … when it should be, what truly is the issue, are there other smaller packages that can acheive the same result without having the mass expenditure to only use a fraction of the product, or, getting hammered as well on the hidden costs of upgrading supporting applications or technology as well as integration with legacy systems.

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Trying to re-engage…

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I’m trying to see if I can get back to doing more things with this blog…life always throws you in different directions. Since the last post about Anti-Spyware software, I have been busy evaluating all sorts of different technologies and software (including the fact that I’m using a Firefox Extension called Performancing to post to this blog).
Stay tuned…more fun to come!!!

Anti-Spyware Tools (recommended)

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There are two anti-spyware tools that are free that I recommend all Windows users install:

Both of these tools are free, however, you need to be diligent in terms of updating their “definitions” regularly (part of the price of using “freeware” tools).

I usually go to one of my favorite Windows program sites called MajorGeeks to get the latest versions of Shareware/Commercial/Freeware programs. I have linked the two programs above to their associated listings on MajorGeeks (if the links do not work, just go to MajorGeeks and search for those programs).

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Bringing life to an old laptop

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More fun in techdom. My wife’s laptop hard drive was filling up…becoming more fragmented…and therefore, slowing down. I decided to give it the gift of a new life. I purchased a 100gig hard drive with a 16mb cache. Installing on a dell is a snap…sorta. My problem was, I didn’t see the adapter that was attached to the old drive, so when I installed it, the system kept saying that there was no drive…grrr.

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The blame game

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Macs rule! Simple, elegant and the stuff just works.

Prime example: new digital camera.

After our old digital camera died and we purchased a new one, we, of course, wanted to see how well it worked. The test: take a picture and get it off the camera and on to a computer.

For the Mac: a matter of minutes with zero configuration needed. iPhoto did it all perfectly

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