The blame game

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Macs rule! Simple, elegant and the stuff just works.


Prime example: new digital camera.

After our old digital camera died and we purchased a new one, we, of course, wanted to see how well it worked. The test: take a picture and get it off the camera and on to a computer.

For the Mac: a matter of minutes with zero configuration needed. iPhoto did it all perfectly

For the PC: it took days. Here is the story. After installing the Canon software, the camera was not recognized. I applied all of the updates to the Canon software, it was still not recognized. The application needed to take the photos in from the camera would just not launch. After uninstalling the software and reinstalling, I ended up having to send an email to Canon support. They got back to me fairly quickly with the standard kind of responses. Had to check services running on the computer and dependencies, etc. I started looking through the Event Log and noticed that the WIA (Windows Imaging Application) consistantly failed. I outlined that to Canon and they finally passed the buck and said that I should contact either the manufacturer of the computer or Microsoft. I didn’t want to go down either path, so I decided to start thinking outside the box. What could cause the issue? Why the conflicts? So I started thinking about other “imaging” products on the laptop. I had uninstalled Picassa (a great program, btw) long before, so I knew that that wasn’t an issue…but then I realized that we had a very large suite of products from HP to support the multi-function printer. So, I decided to check to see if there were any updates to that software. Guess what, there were. After installing the critical updates, the Canon was immediately recognized and I could download! Big lesson learned –> keep your software current and think outside the box.