MacWorld Expo 2008 – DAY TWO – Comments and Observations

MacWorld Expo

Well, I went back for more today, Friday, the last day of the Expo. Traffic was definitely lower (which was nice) but you could see that some of the exhibitors were getting glazed looks on their faces and there was a general lack of energy out there. It didn’t seem that people had packed up and left but many key media contact were absent. Also, there seemed to be more families at the show with kids in tow, given that this is a holiday weekend coming up. What better idea then to take the kids to MacWorld?!

MacWorld Last Day

Today I tried to focus my time less on Software offerings and more on Hardware…the idea being that I would review several similar products over the next few weeks. iPhone and iPod accessories seemed to really rule the show, much like a few years ago when the iPod really started getting traction. However, the difference this time was that technology had definitely evolved. Of interest to me were two distinct items, one more than the other. 1) iPod/iPhone Car Audio/Video adapters and 2) Home/Personal Media related. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to truly hit more vendors about #2.

Here are some highlights of those that I did speak with (below in no particular order):



  • The next generation is now with these glasses that put the video in front of you
  • Spoke with Kari about these products that look innovative:
    • Crystal 701 (Finalist – iLounge Best In Show for 2008) – sports a QVGA lenses
    • Shades 301 – VGA lenses
  • Unique compared to others since you have peripheral vision intact to minimize motion sickness
  • Crystal 701
  • Potential review once product available to media


  • Spent some time with Barry discussing the highlights of the Ethernet Disk mini – Home Edition
  • All-in-one solution for media storage at home
  • Remote access to your media files through a unique FREE service
  • Ability to send email to friends/family sharing photos on the drive
  • LaCie
  • REVIEW added 02.10.8


Kensington: –

  • Sophia gave me a very good summary of some of the newer, unique products for the car.
  • Two products of interest:
    • LiquidAUX – auxiliary car kit with remote
    • LiquidFM – FM transmitter
  • Some are BlueTooth enabled for phone integration through your car audio for hands-free calling
  • LiquidAUX
  • Potential review coming

DLO (Digital Lifestyle Outfitters)

  • Lindsay showed me the highlights of their products. I didn’t seem many (any?) other vendors that integrated video with their FM offerings
  • TransDocks have some nice features that are missing from other vendors: extra USB power outlet, A/V-out ports (as mentioned)
  • Reasonable pricing, especially for TransDock Deluxe which comes with steering wheel controller
  • TransDock
  • REVIEW added 02.04.08


  • Spoke with Cindy about two interesting products (but they do have a wide range):
    • BTCup – FM transmitter with Built-in (their glossy handout had a typo – “Bulit-in” – whoops!) Bluetooth hands free
    • FMCup – Full channel FM transmitter and charger
  • These products have a unique form-factor. The doc fits in a cup-holder (assuming you have some to spare)
  • Integrates with many different iPods
  • All-in-one product
  • BTCup
  • Potential review coming


  • Katie showed me around some products. Of interest:
    • InCharge FM – uses Quintic PureFM for “CD quality sound”
    • Luna X2 – “alarm clock with world-class audio”
  • Solid contender in the space
  • inCharge FM
  • Potential review coming

Depending on the availability of products for review, I will be doing detailed, “user friendly” reviews and tips of the products listed here. I think that some head-to-head comparisons of the iPod/iPhone Car products is needed here. There is a lot of clutter in the space and some of the exhibitors were a bit hard-pressed to come up with differentiating points. I have some initial “winners” in mind but based on the performance of the products I receive, that could change.

HTD says: MacWorld 2008 had some interesting products. Stay tuned for deeper analysis of a select few.

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