Parking Lot Personalities, New Law for Kid Giants & No Public Sporting Events – Digest – 12/20-23/11

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Here is the weekly round-up of some posts that I did over at in the Dadding Section:
  • 7 Parking Lot Personalities You Find When Looking for a Spot
    I HATE holiday shopping for so many reasons: the crowds, the chaos, the attitudes and especially the parking. I tend to be what I call a “strategic” shopper. I do all of the shopping in my head, and then I to a strategic strike right to that shop, purchase the item, and then get out. […]
  • New California Law Only Lets Giants Sit Without Car Seats or Boosters
    Once again, discrimination is among us. We know that it is present in our daily lives. Some of us act to educate our children about how to look for discrimination as well as stereotyping and even racism. And some of us choose to ignore it. But when it is the state government that perpetuates discrimination, […]
  • Giveaway: Win an Ultrabook from Some #UltrabookDads
    Are you finished with your holiday shopping? Did you get all of the gadget-hungry people on your shopping list some great technology? Was an Ultrabook on that list? If not, you might want to think about it, and if you don’t have a budget for it, perhaps I can help out a bit. What are […]
  • 5 Reasons Why I Won’t Take My Kids to a Public Sporting Event
    I’m sure that we all agree that exposing our children to new environments and experiences is critical to their development. My kids, for example, love going to the zoo and seeing the animals there. But there is one type of excursion that I tend to keep them away from, that is a zoo unto itself: […]
  • Tablets Can Help Your Kids Develop a Passion for Reading
    As the holidays approach, people often ask me what are good gifts to get for both adults and children that have some sort of a technology spin. I have to say, it really depends on your family dynamic, what your values are and how comfortable you are with technology and that technology in the hands of your children […]

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