Win an LG Home Entertainment Makeover! See How LG Did a “Techorating” Makeover of MY Living Room!

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I always thought that those home-makeover stories were fictional. But how wrong I was! A few weeks ago, my dusty and technology-tired old living room was completely upgraded and given new energy by LG, a major electronics company that specializes in home entertainment products, home appliances and mobile phones. And I’m going to tell you the story behind it.


But first, I need your help (and there is something in it for you as well). I need some votes in the LG Techorating Challenge, currently running on Facebook. I realize that I’m fast forwarding to the end of the story by showcasing the result but I’m planning on doing another article where I will fill in the back-story about the actual makeover. Some teasers – I rolled up my sleeves, met with a film crew at 6am on a Saturday morning, had makeup done, and now am basking in the technology luxury that LG provided. Oh, and yes, an animal was harmed in the process – nobody’s fault actually, just an unhappy pairing of our dog and our hamster. But more on that in an upcoming article.

The LG Home Entertainment Makeover Challenge

I’m asking that you do vote for me (HighTechDad – duh) on the Facebook Challenge page but the important thing to know is that by registering a vote, you could win a tech-makeover as well. The LG technology is so cool, especially the 3D aspect, that you would simply be not thinking straight if you didn’t enter!

Below is a quick 2-minute video of the two makeovers (the other is by another local dad blogger, Jim Lin, who writes some pretty funny stuff over at BusyDadBlog). The video is only a quick glimpse into the challenge but should give you an idea (direct YouTube link here):

YouTube video

There was a lot more footage and scenes filmed so I’m hoping that these will be released in the coming days/weeks.

Some quick details on the challenge and LG product giveaway (and you can read the full Rules here):

  • Giveaway Dates: April 5, 2012 – May 2, 2012
  • 18 years or older and US resident
  • 1 vote per calendar day < So VOTE FOR ME EVERY DAY!
  • 4 Weekly drawings of a 55″ LG 3D TV
  • 1 Grand Prize Drawing of an LG 3D TV Home Entertainment System

Here you can see the side by side of my makeover:


Let’s put it this way, the HUGE old TV that I had in the before shot (which has now been donated to my babysitter in exchange for some babysitting hours) didn’t even have an HDMI port. It was about 8-9 years old. I had to set up a complex system of DVI to HDMI converters, an HDMI hub and lots of prayers that everything would work right. While the new LG 55″ 3D TV is a bit smaller (from the 60″), the comparison is dramatic. It’s like having a fog lifted from my eyes. On the LG, the picture quality is stunning and crisp. But the coolest feature I think, apart from the fact that the TV (and the 3D Blu-Ray) player is the fact that on the LG TV remote is a non-descript button that, when pressed, converts traditional 2D video into 3D glory – all on demand. And since the 3D technology is passive 3D, glasses (there are 6 provided with the TV) are less expensive.

Anyway, I will go into the whole Techorating Makeover process in an upcoming blog post, complete with some behind the scenes photos and insights, as well as a review of the LG Home Entertainment products that were provided to me as part of the makeover.

So, be sure to head over to the LG USA Facebook page and VOTE FOR ME! I could win a trip out to ESPN (did you see who is narrating the video – none other than Stuart “Boo-ya!” Scott of ESPN!)


Disclosure: I am not being compensated by LG or its affiliates for any articles or posts. LG provided me with LG Electronic products as part of the Techorator program experience.  However, all articles, tweets, and other materials that I post related to LG products and the Techorator program are entirely my own opinion. More information can be found in my About page as well as here.

HTD says: Who says that technology dreams can’t come true! LG made it happen for me and could for you as well!

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