Can You Have a Love Affair with a Gadget?

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“I’m in love with the iPad Mini” I proclaimed proudly to my wife.

I didn’t expect the response (well, I did in a way). “You cannot be in love with a gadget.” That was that. End of discussion.

I had been hoping to start a conversation about why I like the iPad Mini so much or why it is better than other gadgets I have played with. I guess that my opening line might work with non-materialistic goods (e.g., “I’m in love with our dog”) – but even that might sound a bit odd. I probably should have said “I love the iPad Mini.”


Being “in love” and “loving” are two distinct things. But people often are accused of being “in love” with inanimate objects like a car or with something intangible like sports. Or perhaps people are just using grammar incorrectly. My wife, however, does make a good point. You can’t be in love with technology. You can be passionate or obsessed with it…but not in love with it.


Often, I get truly excited about technology…as I have said before, my wife calls technology “the other woman.” But there is an important thing here to remember. Technology is a tool. It is a means to accomplishing something. And, technology is getting better at becoming a useful and productive tool – it’s making things easier.

But technology often also becomes a distraction. If I get a new gadget or device, forget about getting my attention about anything for a few hours. But here is a secret for those people who are as addicted as I am. If you get a new piece of tech that you want to play with, be sure to clear your plate first. I have actually learned to get all of my pressing responsibilities (do dishes, put kids to bed, take out trash, etc.) done before I take off the shrink-wrap. I get everything else out of the way and then can spend some guilt-free time with whatever device or technology is catching my fancy at the time.

I love technology. I love what it can do for you. I love how it can make mundane tasks more fun (like creating a shopping list). I love how it can expose you to new ideas or interests (think social media, link-sharing aggregators and content apps). I love how it can provide security and safety (find out where your family is at any time, check in on a webcam or just call or text someone). I love how it can provide organization in an otherwise chaotic world. I love how it can connect you (“can you hear me now?”). I love that for just about any use case, there is some sort of a technology tool or solution to help you accomplish your tasks or dreams.


My wife is correct though. One cannot be “in love” with technology. But you sure can love it and what it can do to make your life just a little bit easier.

What new gadgets or technology are you “in love with?” How are they improving your life or making you happier or a better person, parent, friend or worker? Leave a comment!


Oh, and I’m only dating the iPad Mini. It’s a loaner from Apple. After that, I am sure I will be on to my next “love.”

HTD says: Naturally, I’m IN love with my family…but I sure do love all of these bright & shiny new gadgets!