How to Prevent Frayed Wires on the MacBook with Juiceboxx

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If you have a MacBook or a MacBook Pro, you probably carry your power cord and power “brick” with you everywhere. And, over time, you wind and wrap up your cords in a variety of ways. But, even with the amazing design coming from Apple, the MacBook and MacBook Pro cords still suffer from dangerous fraying of wires which can short out and be potentially hazardous. Juiceboxx, however, has got you covered with a simple yet helpful cover and cord-wrap which is designed to prevent cord fraying. (Scroll to the end for a 10% off promocode too!)

HTD Juiceboxx in box

While I like to think that I’m a creative guy and a DIYer, I’m not that good of a designer. I thought that I had developed a really creative and innovative way to wrap my MacBook Pro cord…but I got some pretty funny reponses saying how rediculous my idea was. So I just chalked it up as just an experiment. Luckily I can now just use and write about nicely designed fixes and not come up with them.

HTD Juiceboxx back of package

The Juiceboxx is pretty simple actually. It’s two pieces of plastic that clamp around the power brick.

HTD Juiceboxx cords

Installation is very simple as well. You just flip up the wing tabs on the power brick and then separate the 2 pieces of the Juiceboxx and then snap them around the power brick.

HTD Juiceboxx with cords

The design of the Juiceboxx allows for the thinner power cord to come out and bend without being torqued and bent badly, the thing that causes fraying. Also, the thin cord can be wrapped around the larger wing tabs of the Juiceboxx, giving you some decent cord management.

HTD Juiceboxx Instructions

The Juiceboxx is made out of a hard outer plastic shell which is pretty rugged for daily life. And the case comes in many colors:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Ice
  • Red
  • Magenta
  • Teal

And it supports the following Mac models:

  • 15” & 17” MacBook Pros
  • 13” MacBook and MacBook Pros
  • MacBook Air

Juiceboxx was started with a Kickstarter campaign which raised over $31,000 from 860 backers. According to Juiceboxx’s Grand Kirkey, they are selling in over 80 countries and 7000 retailers.


The MSRP on the Juiceboxx is $19.99 and you can use the following promocode to receive 10% off: BOXX102 . I’m not sure how long that code will be good for so you may want to use it soon.

HTD Juiceboxx with sample plug

So forget about those crazy zip ties and rubber bands or magical wrapping and looping jobs. Just pick up a Juiceboxx and protect your costly Apple charging cables.

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HTD says: Save your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook from an electrical fire or fraying damage with the Juiceboxx.