Review: 2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer – Super-Sized, Several Settings & Stupendous (Model: DV50K7500GV)

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Do you like doing laundry? In the past, I didn’t. But now I do. And there are a few reasons why I don’t view it as much of a chore as before. For the past few months, I have been testing out the 2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer (Model: DV50K7500GV) which is their relatively new, top-of-the-line model. In my family, we produce a LOT of dirty laundry. We do multiple loads every week and the process pretty much takes up part of our day. But there are some features of this 2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer that make this task just a little bit easier and less of a chore. While I can’t just press a button and “flash dry” things in second (maybe some day), I can easily make a setting and then walk away and later be notified when our clothes are crisp and freshly dry.

2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer (Model: DV50K7500GV) Review - Control Panel

This 2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer is the matched pair of the 2016 Samsung Clothes Washer – model: WF50K7500AV (you can see my review of that here). And just like the other clothes washer review, I crafted a video review (also available directly on YouTube) highlighting many of the features of this stellar clothes dryer.

But I realize that some of you like reading reviews as well so I wanted to highlight some of the important features of the 2016 Samsung clothes dryer. If, after watching the video and/or reading this review, you have additional questions or comments, I encourage you to leave a comment below. As I continue to use both the clothes washer and dryer, I become more of an expert and while I may not have used each and every feature, I will do my best to give you the information you need.

2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer (Model: DV50K7500GV) Review - washer and dryer

Review of the 2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer

This review of the 2016 Samsung clothes dryer includes the following topics:

  • Massive Capacity
  • Multitude of Features
  • Blocked Vent Detection
  • Connectivity
  • Lint Grabber
  • And Some More Thoughts

So where to begin? This dryer is equally as rich in features as the companion washer. Both are EnergyStar rated, for example. I should point out that this review is of the gas version of the dryer. There is also an electrical version which is slightly less expensive, however I vastly prefer gas as I feel it is less expensive to run and seems to dry clothes quite well.

Massive Capacity

Similar to the Samsung clothes washer, the 2016 Samsung clothes dryer has an extremely large capacity. The stainless steel drum is 7.5 cubic feet in size. When you think about it, this is quite important especially if you are using the Samsung washer (which has a capacity of 5.0 cubic feet). When you wash clothes, they tend to become compact as they get wet. But what happens when you dry them? They expand. So if you max out the 5.0 cubic foot washer and put all of those clothes in this dryer, they will expand to use up most of the 7.5 cubic feet. Also, having a larger capacity also means that if you are drying a smaller load, the drying cycle will be faster as more surface area of the clothes is exposed to drying.

2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer (Model: DV50K7500GV) Review - lit stainless steel drum

The drum is stainless steel which means that it doesn’t get as easily scratched by zippers or buttons. Also, there is a rack that comes with it that fits inside the middle which allows you to flat dry items like shoes or sweaters. I haven’t tried this setting yet, particularly because it isn’t quite sweater season, but I do want to test it out.

Multitude of Features

Just like the washer sibling, the 2016 Samsung clothes dryer has a turn dial to select the cycle and a touch pad control panel to customize the settings even further. There are 14 drying presets. So pretty much any type of clothes drying condition you have, there is a setting for it, or you can customize a pre-existing setting and save it as your own “My Cycle.” I actually don’t use the My Cycle (yet) simply because I find the settings to be pretty close to my needs and only tweak a few things.

2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer (Model: DV50K7500GV) Review - control panel closeup

Most of the settings are sensor-driven. These sensors detect the level of moisture in the clothes and adjust the drying time based on your desired dry level and the amount of moisture. So, you may put in a load and chose a cycle and it may say it will take 45 minutes to dry, but over time, it could increase or decrease that amount of time based on the dryness level. The cycles which have a moisture setting are: Normal, Eco Normal, Heavy Duty, Bedding, Permanent Press, Wool, Delicates and Active Wear.

There are also some timed dry cycles specifically: Quick Dry, Time Dry and Air Fluff. You can easily adjust the time up or down using the Adjust Time buttons or setting the time when you start the cycle.

2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer (Model: DV50K7500GV) Review - controls

Lastly, there are some Steam Cycles, specifically: Refresh, Wrinkle Away and Steam Sanitize. I wanted to spend a little bit more time with this because this was a new feature to me. I know there are some other clothes dryers which have this function but many of those require you to fill and refill a water reservoir periodically. I was actually surprised when this Samsung clothes dryer was being hooked up because the installer screwed on a Y-valve to the cold water and attached hoses to both the washer AND the dryer. Because of the connection to the cold water supply, this particular model does not have a water reservoir so you don’t need to fill anything. The steam cycles are pretty great, although I have only used the Wrinkle Away cycle. What happens is, during the drying process, steam is blasted in, either sanitizing or reducing wrinkles or static. For the Wrinkle Away cycle, I had a couple of dress shirts and slacks that I didn’t have time to iron. The manual recommends only putting in a few articles of clothing for these cycles, in order to get the best results. You just throw in the clothes (it takes less time if they are dry) and then just turn it on. The results were good, relatively few wrinkles. It, unfortunately, doesn’t eliminate ironing completely but does go a long way to better looking clothes right out of the dryer. There is also an Anti Static setting which also blasts in steam to reduce static electricity. This could potentially reduce the need for using anti-static dryer sheets.

Let’s take a look at some of the other cycles and features. For the most part, I only use a few cycles, specifically Normal, Bedding and Delicates. Each of these are preset for the dryness level and the temp (you don’t adjust Time as it is automatically calculated by the sensors). With the normal setting, Eco Dry comes on by default (you can change that if you want). While I’m all for conserving energy (yelling at my kids to turn off lights all of the time), I have been actually turning that setting off simply because it almost doubles the amount of time it take to dry clothes. You can either push the Eco Dry button to turn it off, of you can change the Dry Level setting, which is what I actually do, to More or Less Dry. I usually choose More Dry.

There are 5 moisture detection settings to choose from: Damp Dry all the way to Very Dry. And there are 5 temperature settings as well, from Extra Low (good for Delicates) to High. And for the Time setting, you can go from 20 minutes to 60 minute increments but you can adjust the time up or down manually as well.

Because I do have 3 teenage girls, I do have to mention the Delicates drying cycle. In my old dryer, I was pretty afraid of drying any delicates. Sure, I could have chosen an air fluff timed options is a minimal amount of heat, but I didn’t want to risk the wrath of my daughters if I ruined some of their clothes, so for years, I have been hanging all of the delicates out to dry in the sun. But now, with this 2016 Samsung clothes dryer, I have a Delicates setting. When you think about it, hanging stuff in the sun outside is great, but you also get pollen and dust and even spiders invading the clean clothes. So now, with a majority of the delicate washes, I use the Delicate setting. It uses a very low temperature (this setting still uses the moisture detection sensor). I believe this low temperature is about equivalent to the hot sun. But the bottom line is I can now actually dry the delicates in less than an hour (depending on the load size) and my girls are happy to get it right away!

Blocked Vent Detection

I decided when I got this Samsung clothes dryer that I would replace the duct vents so that everything would be new and fresh. I was shocked when I took out my own duct work to find it clogged with a TON of lint. I had never cleaned my duct work before. I hadn’t really thought about it. But after doing some research, I learned that clogged or blocked ducts is one of the leading causes of home fires. And it’s no wonder. Clogged ducts are tubes of tinder! You actually should take time periodically to clean out (or replace) your duct work. Lint grabbers simply can’t get everything.

2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer (Model: DV50K7500GV) Review - inside

As part of the set-up process with this Samsung clothes dryer, you need to run it through a blocked vent detection procedure. As if by magic, it will test the flow of air within your ducts. If air is blocked or severely restricted, you will get a warning. If you do get a warning either at setup or during regular use of your dryer, you need to take action of cleaning or replacing the ducts and vents. My old dryer was simply dumb. It would just keep trying to push out air to the vents even if they were completely blocked. This Samsung is smart!


Speaking about being “smart,” this 2016 Samsung clothes dryer, like the clothes washer, has an option to connect to your WiFi network which means you can then connect it to the Samsung Smart Home mobile app. Like the washer, you need to purchase a USB Wireless dongle which cost about $30 or so. You plug this into a slot on the top of the dryer (just like the washer) and then run through some configuration screens using the Samsung Smart Home app. After connecting to your WiFi network (be sure you have a good signal in your laundry area), you open up some really great functionality. Let me explain how great this is for my family.

2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer (Model: DV50K7500GV) Review - USB connectivity dongle

Our laundry room is in the lower level of our home. And you actually have to go outside to get to it. This is really a pain, especially if it is raining. I can’t tell you the number of times I have gone down to the laundry room to check on the status of the dryer only to find out it has a lot of time remaining. Oh and to make matters worse, my old dryer was completely manual, with no digital readout tell me how many minutes remain. Obviously, this Samsung does give you a readout of time remaining, but you have to be physically looking at the control panel.

Now I actually can find out how much time is remaining by just looking at the Samsung Smart Home app. And I get notified when the load it done. So using the Smart Home app, I can see when both the washer and dryer are complete, so I make one trip for both appliances.

2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer (Model: DV50K7500GV) Review - Smart Home app

The Smart Home app does let you control your washer as well. You can start and stop it as you see fit. However, with the GAS dryer, you CANNOT control it. You CAN control the ELECTRIC dryer though. And this makes sense. Gas can be dangerous. You are talking about fire here. So just know that you can only get notifications and time remaining from the Gas version.

Lint Grabber

I felt like I did have to mention the lint grabber, especially as it relates to the blocked vent detection above. A good lint grabber will capture most of the lint and is easy to clean. In my old dryer, it was just a slide in screen, so to speak. With this Samsung clothes dryer, it seems to be much more robust.

2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer (Model: DV50K7500GV) Review - lint grabber

It is easily accessible via the front of the door (oh, by the way, the door mount can be changed to open to the left or to the right). You slide it out and you then press a clasp button to unfold it. It captures lint on multiple side. (You can actually see me take out the lint grabber in the video but unfortunately it’s hard to open with just one hand). What I actually find interesting is that I’m actually capturing less lint now than with my previous dryer. I believe this is because the Samsung is being a bit nicer on the clothes drying process. If you are getting a lot of lint, it means that your clothes are degrading a bit faster. At least that it my hypothesis.


A Few More Thoughts

Again, I haven’t tried every function of this 2016 Samsung clothes dryer but I have used it enough to know a lot. If you have questions, ask away! There are two versions of this top-of-the-line, a gas and an electric version. And, as I mentioned, they come as a matching set. Side-by-side, they look extremely similar. The retail price for the 2016 Samsung GAS clothes dryer is $1599 while the ELECTRIC version is $1499. Remember, these elegant appliances ARE the top-of-the-line version and with both you get a ton of great functions and features. Note: you can even get the washer/dryer pair on Amazon for about $2,200! I will echo the comments I made on my review of the Samsung clothes washer, these are both great for busy families, especially with the optional connectivity to get notifications of when loads are complete. Also the massive capacity of this dryer (and washer) allows you to do larger loads which means fewer loads as well. I was able to reduce the amount of time it takes doing this “chore” and I’m not continually checking to see if things are done.

2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer (Model: DV50K7500GV) Review - matching pair

Remember, I didn’t cover everything but be sure to watch the video review of this 2016 Samsung clothes dryer to actually see it in action. The settings are easy to use and the clothes come out dry! Those are the important things, right?

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HTD says: I don’t mind doing the laundry now because of the big capacity and optional smartphone connectivity that comes with the 2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer!

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I don’t mind doing the laundry now because of the big capacity and optional smartphone connectivity that comes with the 2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer! This is the top-of-the-line dryer from Samsung. It has a massive capacity and a ton of easy-to-use features for drying just about any article of clothing. Granted, since it is in that top category, the price is high, but you are getting a ton of features and capabilities for that price. The controls are easy enough to use that all of my kids have been able to use it after some quick training from me. Does a good job drying clothing, bedding, and other items.