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Bring the Bass, Bluetooth & Bamboo! Review of ARCHEER A320 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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There are tons of Bluetooth speakers available in the market. To review each and every one would take years. And even in my household, we have 5+ Bluetooth-powered speakers in various rooms. And these are of varying quality. Some are water-resistant. Others have clock-radios. And others are quite elegant. But for me, there are two important factors that make up a good Bluetooth speaker: design aesthetics and sound. I recently received an ARCHEER A320 Bluetooth speaker and was able to check off these two requirements.

The first thing that I was impressed with when I unboxed the ARCHEER A320’s was how heavy it was. And, that it was larger than I had expected (from only having seen the pictures). While heavy doesn’t always equate to a good thing, in this case, it did give the feeling of quality. All too often, I have found Bluetooth speakers to be really light weight and consequently feel cheap. This is not the case with the A320’s.

HTD ARCHEER A320 - front view

There is a nice balance between the elegance of the soft-curved bamboo wood and the darker, fabric-like backing that mixes modern with classic. And the bamboo is present on the back as well to provide both a sturdy look AND feel.

The dimensions of the A320’s are 9.8” x 3.1” x 5.2” and it weighs 3.1 pounds. So, while it is indeed large, it doesn’t necessarily stand out as being overly large when on a shelf or desk or table.

HTD ARCHEER A320 - on bookcase

But there is one thing that is quite large from this small device, the sound – particularly the bass.

When I first received this and easily paired it via Bluetooth to my iPhone, I cranked up the music full-blast to test it out. The bass was solid. It was loud. And you could feel it. And even better yet, I didn’t notice any sort of distortion.

HTD ARCHEER A320 - back

There is a reason why this is. It has two 5W drivers for the mids and highs, and the bass is delivered via one 15W subwoofer. Many times, Bluetooth speakers skimp on the sub. This is not the case with the A320’s. You are given a nice 2.1 sound experience, with just the right amount of dish-rattling bass to make it stand out. It’s a solid 25W portable Bluetooth speaker!

There are two ways to connect your audio devices with the ARCHEER: Bluetooth or via a 3.5mm line-in audio cable. The A320 has a Bluetooth 4.0-compliant connection. I non-scientifically tested the range between my iPhone and the A320’s and it decently held the connection through a doorway and deep into another room. There is interference and audio drop outs when you are multiple rooms away or have walls or other obstructions. This is to be expected. With a clear line of site, it is quite a decent range (e.g., great for outdoor parties).

And that is another important feature of the ARCHEER A320’s – it has a built-in battery. It has a built-in 5200mAh battery which is charged via an upgraded charging port (note: if you purchase the A320, be sure you have the upgraded/updated version!). At 50% volume, it gets an estimated 11 hour play time (I haven’t confirmed this). You can charge and play it at the same time so if you want to make the A320 more “permanent,” leave it plugged in. That way, if you do want to take it on the go, it is fully charged. (But a better practice is to actually charge it fully, then disconnect and use until the battery drains, and then re-charge it.)

The A320 comes with a 3.5mm Audio Cable, a micro-USB charge cable (NOTE: it does NOT come with a plug but you can use just about any smartphone or tablet USB plug to charge it), and a carrying sack.

HTD ARCHEER A320 - in box

The top of the A320 has 4 buttons: Volume up and down, Pause/Play, and Power. You press and hold the power button to enable Bluetooth pairing.

On the back is the Aux input port, the Micro-USB port for charging, an air vent for the subwoofer (it has to be able to move some air!), a regular power port and a reset button.


HTD ARCHEER A320 - ports on back

The ARCHEER A320 retails for $199 but it is on sale (and a #1 Best Seller) on Amazon for $79.99.

If you are looking for a portable, Bluetooth speaker that looks nice and puts out some good sound with heavy bass (for the size of the speaker), I would recommend taking a look at the ARCHEER A320.

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HTD says: While I have tested quite a few Bluetooth speakers, the ARCHEER A320 is one of the few that not only has a nice design, but that has a solid and strong sound. And, because this speaker is portable, it’s great in many environments, including outdoors.

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While I have tested quite a few Bluetooth speakers, the ARCHEER A320 is one of the few that not only has a nice design, but that has a solid and strong sound. And, because this speaker is portable, it’s great in many environments, including outdoors. Setting up the ARCHEER A320 takes literally a few seconds. Once connected, you are good to go. It’s a loud, bass-full speaker that can be taken on the go and has a decent amount of battery life, even playing at full blast. The “on-sale” price is the one you should pay, and nothing more than that, though. And with that price, it’s a good deal.