"A Giant Story" - Short Film by Intuit - Happy Pete & Intuit Giant

How Giants are Helpful – New Intuit Short Film “A Giant Story”

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We all know about the childhood stories of Jack and the Beanstalk and David and Goliath. In both tales, a “smaller” hero is faced with a challenge or an obstacle to overcome in order to be successful, and, must do so on their own without the help from others. The “larger” adversary is often one that is more powerful and has the advantage of their size. Though luck, cunning, or careful planning, the hero is able to conquer the titan and the resulting, unpredicted victory surprises all. However, modern-day tales have become much more complex. In order for the “smaller heroes” to compete and prosper against mega titans of today, they must form a powerful team of allies.  In its new short film, “A Giant Story,” Intuit, weaves this modern tale of the smaller hero teaming up with a giant in order to conquer mega titans of commerce. Let me explain.

"A Giant Story" - Short Film by Intuit - megastore

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Intuit’s short film, “A Giant Story,” takes a modern-day look at the Fortune 500 “giants” versus the small guy battle. In fact, it’s a story we all know pretty well in this day and age. With megastores and big-box retailers growing in size and weight, it’s always a challenge for those mom-and-pop stores or small business firms to even compete. How can they combat the wealth and abundant resources at the disposal of the megastore “giants”?

“A Giant Story”

Intuit has a simple answer. Get a giant on the side of the smaller guy to allow them to compete head-to-head.

In the Intuit short film, Pari, the young protagonist, a self-employed lady who is an inventor, starts seeing other local small business struggling – her friends and neighbors. Their finances are a mess and to make matters worse, a megastore has opened just down the street, all with huge industrial robots and drones. One particular small-business owner, Pete, who owns a flower shop, is simply not able to compete as he frantically tries to manage his orders and finances. He is quickly becoming disillusioned, over-worked, and depressed.

"A Giant Story" - Short Film by Intuit - Pari & Pete

As Pari watches the growth of the megastore and the subsequent deterioration of Pete’s business and general happiness, she realizes that all the small business owners and self-employed in her neighborhood could benefit from a giant of their own – the Intuit Giant.


The Intuit Giant gives the smaller heroes the ability to become more powerful and productive. By combining the powers of QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint, the Intuit Giant enables small businesses to compete with confidence in an arena where traditionally, large corporations dominate. With QuickBooks, Pari and Pete can gain control over their day-to-day finances while getting insights into their inflow and outflow of money. TurboTax provides easy end-of-year tax preparation. And Mint turbocharges the everyday notifications and status of various financial accounts.

"A Giant Story" - Short Film by Intuit - the Intuit Giant

In fact, the Intuit Giant allows Pari, Pete, and the other small local stores to be nimble and productive in their businesses. And more importantly, allows the Intuit Giant allows Pari, Pete, and others to focus on their business itself, not on being bogged down managing the financial side. People go to small businesses because they are quaint and treat customers as individuals. Megastores, on the other hand, lack personalities and are often not very personal. By offloading financial management to the protective care of the Intuit Giant, Pari and Pete can compete with confidence, knowing the Intuit Giant is watching out for them.

This short film champions the success of the little guy, but contrary to the “big versus small” battles of older tales, it’s actually the teaming of the giant WITH the small guys that wins the battle.

HTD says: The Intuit Giant gives small businesses the ability to focus on creating the products and services they love, allowing them to compete with confidence knowing that the Giant has their back.