Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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Cast of Dads: Podcast #9 – “Valentine’s Day” (Massacre?)

So it is pretty obvious to me that I'm not the only guy who struggles during the romantic times of Valentine's Day. For Episode #9 of Cast of Dads, we decided that it would be appropriate to record our...

Cast of Dads: Podcast #8 – “Superbowl Sunday!”

Dads are all about sitting around and watching sports and nothing else, right? Especially on Superbowl Sunday! Well, we actually have lots of different opinions on sports and a variety of other topics. So, we decided that we just...

Special Thanks to for the Blogger Spotlight & a Critical Family Service!

Life360 is a site that deals with ensuring the safety of your family and protecting your assets (people & property). Obviously, this is something very important to me and my wife so as a service on its own, it...

How to Fix Login & Authentication Issues on TweetDeck after Changing your Password on Twitter

Yesterday, I received a very vague email from Twitter saying that they had reset my password because of some sort of a phishing scam or attack that had taken place off of Twitter. Below is the text of the...

Cast of Dads: Podcast #7 – “We Were ALL Morons!”

We got some great user feedback on some of our previous podcasts that we were geeking out a bit too much. Since we listen to our audience, in this episode, we tried to eliminate most (if not all) of...

20+ Ways to Harden and Secure Your WordPress Blog

Recently, some high-profile blogs that are running WordPress have been hacked or hijacked by malicious users (e.g., TechCrunch). The worst thing is having to try to recover from such an event, you not only have to repair your...

How I Write a Blog Post. How Do YOU Do It?

Sure, this sounds like a very boring and subjective topic. I assure you, it really is. But I'm writing this on the odd chance that someone out there might find it useful. I have been blogging now for...

Cast of Dads: Podcast #6 – “Truckers (and others) Love Technology!”

On Episode #6 of the Cast of Dads podcast titled "Truckers Love Technology," we spent much of the podcast answering a question sent in by a daddy trucker ("Jokerman" by his handle). Jokerman had some questions about technology specifically...

TODAY Is National AMBER Alert Awareness Day – Jan 13, 2010

Today is officially the AMBER Alert Awareness Day (January 13, 2010) as declared by the US Department of Justice in commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the abduction and murder of 9-year-old Amber Hagerman. Many of you are probably...

How to Remove an Old Microwave & Install a New Panasonic Microwave (Model: NN-SD277WR)

Most people don't think of a microwave as a gadget, but I guess if it plugs in, has buttons and a display, it excites me a bit. But before I go in a major analysis of popcorn pop timing...

Cast of Dads: Podcast #4 – “Making It To Midnight”

Well, the other Cast of Dads members and I just couldn't end the year without doing ONE more podcast. Episode #4 is appropriately titled "Making It To Midnight" and if you listen to it, you will see how aptly...

Announcing the New HighTechDad iPhone Application

A few weeks ago, a friend pointed out a new site to me called MotherApp. They claimed to take the pain and time lag out of creating applications for mobile devices. The MotherApp site lists three different services that...
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