Sunday, July 12, 2020

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Buzz! Quiz World for PS3 Gets Your Brain Buzzing with Trivia

When my wife and I first met, there was a computer game that we played with our friends called "You Don't Know Jack" (YDKJ) which has got to be one of the most fun games I have ever...

Cast of Dads: Podcast #3 – “Mustaches, Massages & Man Purses”

Just in time for the holidays, the "Cast of Dads" got together for our 1st annual holiday podcast. In Episode #3, titled "Mustaches, Massages & Man Purses", we discussed a variety of "hot" topics, despite the crazy (snowy) weather...

WARNING: WP-Polls WordPress Poll Plugin Can Be Exploited

Last week, I ran a giveaway which, because of a variety of reasons, I had to cancel and declare "null & void". While I won't go into the details, I did want to bring some actions to the forefront,...

Cast of Dads: Podcast #2 – “Vomiting, Vaccines, Vacations & More”

A bit delayed, heck, it is the holidays and we have all been pretty busy. But our Cast of Dads Podcast #2, which I have titled "Vomiting, Vaccines, Vacation & More" is now live! Obviously it goes beyond...

Mini Review: Homedics Restore Clean Water System Filters AND Purifies Your Water

When I was approached to review the Homedics Restore Clean Water System, I wasn’t really sure if it would be techy or geeky enough for me to review it. After all, it is just a water filter, right? The...

World Premiere: “Cast of Dads” Podcast – Episode #1

I have always wanted to do a podcast but never had the time, energy nor team to do so. Obviously, there is plenty of content to talk about though. Well, after several months participating in the Sony...

Tech News: IE Hole Plugged, BitLocker Cracked, New Twitter Mobile & Bing Bombs for 1/2 Hour

Happy Friday all! Here's what grabbed my attention this morning in Tech News: Microsoft to plug critical IE hole targeted by exploit code "Microsoft said on Thursday that it will offer six updates for 12 vulnerabilities next week including a critical...

Tech News: Google Public DNS, H1N1 Malware & Mac Sales Growth Projected

Taking a quick break during lunch to get this out. Had to skim the hot news quickly. Google promises faster Web with launch of Public DNS "Google is taking control of the Internet’s equivalent of the telephone switchboard, called the Domain...

Win My Baby: 1st Steps for Wii & DS – HighTechDad’s Gift-a-Day Giveaway (Day 4)

For Day 4 of the HighTechDad Gift-A-Day Giveaway, we are back to video games. But this one is a bit different than Bakugan (the Day 1 gift). Think raising a family and those wonderful first 3 years. I have...

Tech News: Windows BSOD, Office 2010, YouTube Pay TV & LCD Lawsuits

Looks like we all survived Cyber-Monday. Here's what got my attention this morning: Microsoft looking into Windows 'black screen of death' problem "Microsoft says it's looking into reports that its latest security updates are causing some Windows machines to stop working...

Tech News: Twitter DM Spam, Facebook Stock, Kindle OS Update & Cheap HDTVs

More fresh Technology News for you on this day before Thanksgiving (and my wife's 40th birthday). The Tech News just doesn't rest, does it! Here are things that are hot right now: WARNING: New Twitter DM Spam Attack - "Uh...

“The Sony Witch Project” – A Halloween Adventure with Sony Gear

Ten years ago, a movie was released that scared many and used a format that was unique to its space for the time period. The Blair Witch Project had an interesting premise, 3 student filmmakers disappear in the wood...
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