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Renaming Cast of Dads Podcast #15 to the “iPadcast of Dads” – “iPad, Kindles & VCRs OH MY!”

The Cast of Dads recorded podcast #15 ("iPad, Kindles & VCRs – Oh My!") the day the iPad was available to purchase. Only one of us (CC) actually had one to play with, but the rest of the Cast...

“Car Seats & Common Sense” Discussed by Some Punchy Dads on Cast of Dads Podcast #14

The Cast of Dads were in rare form for this podcast titled "Car Seats & Common Sense". Maybe it was something in the air or something we drank but geez! But we were still able to offer our "sagely"...

Special Edition of Cast of Dads (Video) Podcast – “Live from SxSW 2010”

Even though South by Southwest (SxSW) is long over, the memory lives on. 3 of the 5 dads from Cast of Dads were there for this great conference which takes place in Austin, Texas and we decided to do...

How To Fix the Failing US Education System – Commission-based Compensation for Teachers

I just had a "brilliant" idea on how to fix the failing US Education System. Well, perhaps not brilliant but hopefully thought-provoking. I don't think that it would or could ever be implemented but I really think we need...

“Tracking, Texting & Texas” with Cast of Dads Podcast – Episode #13

It’s seems like we at Cast of Dads are always talking about social media and parenting and how at times they are mutually exclusive. Part of my day job is to actually be doing a lot of marketing on...

Who Lays Down the Law in YOUR Family? – Cast of Dads Podcast #12

Discipline in the family is never an easy topic to talk about, especially when setting the rules or enforcing them. And it seems that every family has a different approach to implementing these rules. This was the main topic...

Are You Prepared for Disasters? The Cast of Dads Discuss This in Episode #11

With the recent tragic disasters striking around the globe recently, when the Cast of Dads got together to record Episode #11, we spent a majority of the show talking about the serious subject of family preparedness when a catastrophe...

Cast of Dads: Podcast #10 – “Kids Online & How To Do It Right”

In this tenth episode of the Cast of Dads podcast we discussed a very important topic that all parents should seriously be considering, that of educating your children about the various social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. This...

Cell Phones, Tweens, Texting & Conversations – Child & Family Cellular Safety Thoughts

If you are a parent of a tween (a pre-teenager), you have probably hit the stage of your child wanting a cell phone. My wife and I broke down (or were gradually worn down) about a year ago with...

Cast of Dads: Podcast #9 – “Valentine’s Day” (Massacre?)

So it is pretty obvious to me that I'm not the only guy who struggles during the romantic times of Valentine's Day. For Episode #9 of Cast of Dads, we decided that it would be appropriate to record our...

Cast of Dads: Podcast #8 – “Superbowl Sunday!”

Dads are all about sitting around and watching sports and nothing else, right? Especially on Superbowl Sunday! Well, we actually have lots of different opinions on sports and a variety of other topics. So, we decided that we just...

Special Thanks to for the Blogger Spotlight & a Critical Family Service!

Life360 is a site that deals with ensuring the safety of your family and protecting your assets (people & property). Obviously, this is something very important to me and my wife so as a service on its own, it...
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