Monday, July 13, 2020

Social Networking Articles

Tech News: Twitter DM Spam, Facebook Stock, Kindle OS Update & Cheap HDTVs

More fresh Technology News for you on this day before Thanksgiving (and my wife's 40th birthday). The Tech News just doesn't rest, does it! Here are things that are hot right now: WARNING: New Twitter DM Spam Attack - "Uh...

How to Pre-Populate Twitter Status Updates Via Links

We all know that getting information out via Twitter is helpful to your brand or company, but what if you want to have your website or blog readers do it for you? Or perhaps you want to get a...

The DO’s and DON’Ts of Customer Service in a Social Media Age

How many times have you had a bad customer service experience? More than 50% of the time? I will bet that you think that it's much higher than that even. Most of us tend to remember poor customer service...

Social Media Warning: Don’t Try Services like FlockToMe that Claim to Increase Followers!

This post is a Social Media word of warning. If you see any Twitter or Social Media service that claims it will get you hundreds or thousands of new followers or friends in hours…STAY AWAY! I have written about...

“Don’t Forget Your Day Job”

Note: I wrote this article for (A2SM), an online blog that talks about how to get the most out of Social Media as a whole. A2SM has a series of luminaries writing for them and sharing insight on...

HighTechDad – “I Am A Geek!” & Proud Of It!

My friend, Brian Solis, pointed me to the "Society for Geek Advancement" today, something which rings true to many of my thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Being a "geek" now is much different than when I was younger. Years...

Crafting Your Company’s Social Media Policy

A few weeks ago, I offered to help our Human Resources department create a "Social Media Policy" for my company. While my company didn't want to impose draconian restrictions on Social Media, HR felt that some rules did have...

Twitter Threats and Negotiations

The Age of Twitter is upon us. All hail the all mighty and powerful Twitter! But also, the age of innocence is gone. There are spammers galore, people who are "social media experts" who have only 8 tweets to...

Social Experiment: Twitter Dad Tuesdays #twitdadtues

This morning I had some interesting Twitter conversations with a few Dads who are on Twitter about how frustrated their spouses are with them at times. The conversations and threads were brought on by reading through this interesting article...

Twitter Begins to Overshadow Digg and Rightfully So!

We all know about the site Digg, right? It is a place "to discover and share content." Somebody (or you) submits an article or video or news item into the Digg "community" and if people like it, they increase...
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Latest Articles

This Device Should Be Font & Center in Every Smart Home – Nest Hub Max Review

Review of the Nest Hub Max - a 10" smart home hub for the Google Home ecosystem with glorious sound, steller HD video, and vast tech integrations.
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HighTechDad’s Father’s Day 2020 Gift Guide

This is HighTechDad's 2020 Father's Day Gift Guide of family tech and smart home products that have been reviewed on Happy Father's Day!

Can’t Find TP? Use a Smart Bidet & Wash Your Butt Instead! – Stay At Home Tech Tip Video

Avoid having to hoard toilet paper by installing a smart bidet in your home. This DIY project is easy & you save the environment by conserving toilet paper.

4 Ways to Make a “Distanced” Mother’s Day Better with a Nixplay Digital Frame

Social Distancing may make Mother's Day a bit more difficult. With a Nixplay digital frame you can share memories remotely!

Video Conferencing? Check Broadband Upload Speed – Stay at Home Tech Tip

Having a fast broadband connection at home is critical during the Shelter at Home due to COVID19/coronavirus. Learn what is important now!