Windows Update Error 80245003 – Windows Update won’t run on Vista RC2

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Updated on 06.25.07: I have added some more detailed steps based on feedback I received. See end of post for further details. I’m playing around with Windows Vista on a test box that I have. So far, it’s looking like a fairly nice upgrade to XP. It doesn’t feel like a complete overhaul (which, from my understanding, it somewhat is since many items have been reworked from the ground up). I’ve gone through the various cycles and now have found myself at RC2 (running the Windows Ultimate version). I have installed this using VMware as well, testing integration with an …

Helper apps for the Mac (specifically Remote Desktop Connection)

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I’m sure that if you are a mac user and you use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop (RDC) to connect to other PCs, that you have become frustrated on how limited the capabilities are. I found a couple of tools that may help with that lack-luster experience. First, there is RDC Menu. ” RDC Menu adds an icon to your menubar, allowing you easy access to launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client. Helper apps for the Mac (specifically Remote Desktop Connection) was last modified: October 13th, 2006 by Michael Sheehan

Fun with PHPSurveyor v1.08a2

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I’m finally getting back to testing out other opensource software. I just installed the latest version of PHPSurveyor (1.08a2) and ran into some .htaccess madness. No matter what I did, after initializing the security features (which depend on .htaccess and .htpasswd), I could not get passed the login prompt. Also, I noticed that my .htpasswd file showed my password in the clear (that isn’t very secure). So, did some searching around and found this bug that was logged. After applying the fix, the login worked fine and the .htpasswd did NOT show the password in the clear…it was encrypted. Now …

Apple Care came through with flying colors!

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OK, it looks like the saga is over. Today, I finally received my laptop today (see all of the previous posts). Actually, I was pretty impressed with this round. I shipped the laptop this past Monday, it was received and fixed on the same day (Tuesday) and shipped back on Wednesday. I missed the delivery on Thursday, but today, I got it. And let me tell you, Apple Care really came through! The “unboxing” was the biggest scare…just from remembering last time. However, this time, I was really pleasantly suprised. The first thing that I noticed was that my laptop …

“All your base are belong to us” –’s version…

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My grumble factor about one of my hosting providers is getting higher. I have had a series of exchanges with them about the possibility of upgrading their mySQL servers to one that is more current (and one that supports activeCollab and SugarCRM). The saga continues… First, they sent me a link to what versions they currently have installed (which I already knew from a previous support exchange but it was nice to have listed). Then they sent me this cryptic reply to a question that I sent to them regarding if it would be possible to upgrade in the future. …

activeCollab releases 0.7RC1…but refuses to comply!

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One of the more promising OpenSource apps that I have been following is that of activeCollab (aC for short) has posted the first Release Candidate for their next version. I mentioned this program earlier as a direct competitor to BaseCamp. The new features look great (from reading them). Unfortunately, my hosting provider ( has a version of mySQL that will not support the 0.7RC1 version. I have sent a support email to since this is the second application that I cannot use with them (the first being SugarCRM). More to come on this thread hopefully… activeCollab releases 0.7RC1…but …

Netvibes update – Cinnamon release

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Looks like Netvibes has updated their code with a new release “Cinnamon.” This is the development track towards their 2.0 release. Some of the new feature/updates include: New Setting panel New Design and color themes New Netvibes digital life assistant Content localization Sidebar reorganization Better performance Browser compatability Netvibes update – Cinnamon release was last modified: October 2nd, 2006 by Michael Sheehan

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Cobras are 4-0!

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Another good game for my daughter’s soccer team, the Cobras! This was one of the closer games with the talent of both sides being fairly balanced. However, the Cobras were able to pull out another victory! I actually tried to document the game. Here is one of the warm-up highlights! Cobras are 4-0! was last modified: October 2nd, 2006 by Michael Sheehan

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Understanding Phishing Scams…first hand!

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This is my PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the week and it is about something pretty scary…Phishing Scams. Several years ago, I was a victim of identity theft. It was not a pleasant experience but it left me wiser and more cautious. It was done the old fashioned way of swiping some receipts and looking up some account information (local retailer). Nowadays, identity thieves have become much better in their “art.” I have first hand experience now…but I wasn’t a victim. So, here is what happened, I received the following email: It looked much more legit than others that I …

MORE Apple Support madness!!!

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So…the madness continues. After all of the fun as outlined here and here, and thinking that “all was well” when I received the laptop package yesterday…all hopes were shattered when I started reading the form letter in the repair box! The words “RETURN: CUSTOMER DECLINED REPAIR” jumped out at me and I wanted to cry. Quickly booting up my “fixed” laptop, I found that it was not fixed, just as the letter said. I had one hour before they closed to call Apple Care to find out what was going on. I called the numbers listed (800-APL-CARE)…tried the path through …

Newly added function…”Read the rest this post >>”

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I found that my posts were getting really long (I guess I have a lot to say). So in order to save the lives of a few scrollbars, I added a function that only shows the first paragraph of the article. So, be sure that you look for (and click on) the “Read the rest of this post >>” link under each post. Hope that helps the usability! Newly added function…”Read the rest this post >>” was last modified: September 27th, 2006 by Michael Sheehan

Voice call hangups after 4 minutes on Tmobile MDA/HTC Wizard

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I figured that I would post this little bit of mobile phone tweaking for any users who may be searching for a solution to the following issue. Ever since I upgraded my Tmobile MDA to the “latest and greatest” rom (v 2.26), I have been plagued with dropping calls after 4 minutes. It was definitely a bug that I had encountered and it was driving me INSANE! Well, digging through HowardForums, XDA-developers and SBSH’s forums, I believe that I found the solution. I thought that I would share both the commentary on the fix as well as the .CAB file …

Watch out Windows Live…here comes Netvibes!

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I was browsing my referral stats on Google Analytics and I saw a domain called show up. Of course, that piqued my interest so I started some research on this. Well, I must say that I was impressed! This is a clear cut example of a Web 2.0 type of site. (What is Web 2.0? Take a look at Wikipedia’s definition.) While Windows Live has a similar type of style (tabs where you can add content, feeds, gadgets, etc), I personally believe that Netvibes did it better. They heavily rely on AJAX to allow you to drag and drop …

Evaluating two Open Source Apps: Vanilla Forum & CraftySyntax

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First one that I was looking at was Vanilla forums by Lussumo. What I was looking for was a forum that was different from all of the others out there. A looong time ago, I played with SnitzForums and phpBB. They seem to be ok, full featured, highly configurable…there are many others out there but they all look the same. Then a few months ago, I stumbled across Vanilla. They are currently at a 1.0.1 release. What I really like about it is its simplicity and clean elegance. It is extendable with user-developed add-ons and fully compliant to the major …

Race for the Cure!

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My wonderful wife did a wonderful thing. About a week ago, she decided that she would do the Race for the Cure (The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation race in San Francisco). She has been working out for a long time but this time decided to do it for the good of others. Driven by various events, including a recent neighbor diagnosis, she decided to ask for sponsorship and did the 16th annual run today! She raised (as of this writing) $1,280.00 in sponsorship (above her $1000 goal)! The race went well (she actually ran in the timed, not …