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UPDATED Review of Leaf Phone Case w/ Battery – Potential Safety Concern

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Review of the Leaf Phone Case for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus including an interview with the founders. Case offer protection & lightning cable connectivity.

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Is K-12 the Appropriate Place to Teach Children about Copyright Infringement? Huffington Post Live Interview

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I remember back in the 1980’s (ok I’m dating myself) when my friends and I used to make mix-tapes and music compilations and shared them amongst ourselves. It was a multi-hour process and we poured our creativity and thoughts into making the perfect tape. There was no thought in our minds about whether what we were doing was “legal” or not. We just did it. It was a right of passage. Now there are discussion about inserting anti-piracy and copyright infringement “training” into our already packed curriculum at schools in California, and it’s making me scratch my head a bit. …

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Tired of Coordinating Arrival Times or Notifying If You’ll Be Early or Late? Use Twist! App Walkthrough & CEO Interview

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As a parent in a busy family of 5 with 3 kid schedules to coordinate, activities galore and timing managed literally down to the minute, I have often felt a bit overwhelmed trying to let everyone know when I would arrive for a pickup or where I was en route to a variety of destinations. You can’t text while you drive and sometimes it isn’t convenient to get calls or bug people by calling them to let them know that you are running late. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app that knows where you are going, when you …

Silent but Effective – ESET Cybersecurity for Macintosh

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I don’t know how many different types of Anti-Virus or security software I have tested over the years. I would guess that it’s in the 20’s. There are a lot of great providers out there, some paid and some free. Those people who have computers but don’t have ANY anti-virus software are destined to a severe, brutal and ugly day of awakening, especially if they are on a Windows PC. There is so much malware, viruses, bots, zombies, trojans and malicious code out there attached to files, images, programs and even websites that it is hard to imaging NOT getting …

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Huffington Post Launches “Screen Sense” – A Site for Parenting & Tech

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Yesterday, the Huffington Post launched a new property called “Screen Sense” which is a new resource designed to help parents understand and learn how to work with technology in their lives as well as their children’s. As part of the launch event, I was invited to participate in discussing this exact topic on Huffington Post Live (a live video stream of current and trending topics of the world). Obviously, this is a subject that is near and dear to my heart as much of the content on is devoted to understanding where and how and if technology (and social …

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CEO & Co-Founder, Brad Jefferson, Discusses Animoto & Lets Out a Mother’s Day Secret in this Exclusive Interview

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Animoto was created to complement the emergence of rich media and video within the consumer marketplace. Back when it was founded in 2005, consumers didn’t have smart phones nor HD camcorder and high video production quality was something to envied, only coming from studios. When Animoto brought their product to market, it was revolutionary. Started by a bunch of friends, the idea behind Animoto was to bring life to static photos through the use of complex blends, transitions and music integration, the end result being a media rich experience in the form of a short movie. Since day 1, Animoto …