Monday, July 13, 2020

iPhone Articles

How to Upgrade your Discontinued 4gig iPhone to an 8gig

As many other 4gig iPhone owners are feeling right now, I'm a bit upset at "paying the price" of being an early adopter. I know, I know, I wanted the latest and greatest and wanted it right away. Well,...

Netvibes & iPhone Compatible at last!

WOAH! I just reloaded my default home page and there is now a yellow message saying "Netvibes goes mobile! Now, you can check your Netvibes page on your mobile phone or your iPhone at the following address:" and...

iPhone app: ApolloIM version updated to -0.9 with connection persistence

As mentioned previously, ApolloIM has been updated from version -1 to -0.9 and now includes partial "suspend mode." I have installed and tested it and it seems to work ok. However, the author clearly notes on his development site...

iPhone app: Built-in RSS reader provided by .MAC

Gee, you learn something new every day. I was playing around with an installed RSS reader from the TappInstaller app and I figured I would see how Safari on the iPhone would react to an RSS feed. Boy was...

iPhone App: ApolloIM update on its way

I have reinstalled the Apptapp Installer mentioned in my previous post and it seems to be more stable now (of course I am not monkeying around in the bowels of my directory structure this time). It was updated to...

iPhone: Jailbreaking, Application Installing, Playing, Corrupting, Panicking, Resetting and Restoring

The subject of this post pretty much sums it up in a nutshell. So here are the details. First a little background. I come from a very varied cell-phone history. I was a big Sidekick users but got a...

iPhone App: Telekinesis – remote access your Mac through mini web apps on iPhone

Now this code creation really wow-ed me! I was searching to find out if LogMeIn worked on the iPhone. (It does, sort of, but impossible to mimic button clicks...yet. But that is another story.) So I found a really...

iPhone Tip: How to Fast Forward or Rewind in iTunes

It has, once again, been a long time since my last post...I have now returned from vacation in Lake Tahoe and I can get back to things. I used my iPhone a lot on vacation but there was one...

iPhone Firmware 1.0.1 released

With little fanfare, lots of anticipation and a bit of a letdown, the first firmware update from Apple for the iPhone was officially released. It looks like it was primarily a security update with no truly outwardly visible modifications....

iPhone firmware 1.1 rumors – my own debunking

So there is list of potential iPhone firmware updates floating around the blogosphere. Most came out around the beginning of July. It seems like an "anonymous tipster" has submitted a laundry list of updates for the next "firmware release"...

Fix-it: iTunes install Error 2908 on Windows

Well, I'm back from a vacation in Mexico and have been catching up on things. Playing with my new 4 Gig iPhone and getting things working has taken a little bit of time. In the process of doing that,...
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