Consumer Clouds – A Comfortable and Easy On-ramp to More Complex Business Clouds

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I have multiple personalities. No, I’m not schizophrenic but I do have alter egos. During the day, I live and breathe cloud computing with my job as Technology Evangelist at GoGrid, a cloud infrastructure provider. And then the rest of my hours when I’m awake, I’m a dad, husband and technologist, trying to figure out how it all fits together without busting at the seams. This site,, represents many years of trying to figure out how technology integrates into the family, what works, what doesn’t, what to look out for and how to make sense of it all. It …

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A Cloud For All Seasons – Picking the Right Cloud

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Cloud computing can be very confusing. It can be abstractly discussed but also detailed to intricate levels. A few years ago, part of the reason why people weren’t adopting cloud computing was because they simply didn’t understand it and what it could do for them. And, a few years ago, the technology and services were relatively new and not as built-out and established as they are now. In my previous posts of this series, I talked about what I thought would come in 2012 for cloud computing, I debunked a few common misstatements about the cloud and, I listed out …

5 Ways To Make the Cloud Work for You

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So you have heard about cloud computing but are not really sure what you can do with it. Or maybe, your only exposure to the cloud is what you have seen in ads or heard in the media. Let me tell you, what you see on TV is only a fraction of the cloud’s true power. I’m obviously a bit biased, as I work for a cloud infrastructure provider. But that also gives me the ability to really focus in on use cases that seem to be popular this day and age. As I wrote in my previous article, there are some …

Six 2012 Cloud Computing Predictions – Seeds in the Wind

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Making predictions for Cloud Computing is like casting seeds into the wind to see what grows and what gets eaten by the birds. Sometimes something magical will sprout, and other times it simply gets consumed by something else. So, as I put my pyramid hat on, wrap myself in tinfoil and gaze into my crystal ball, I realize that doing any sort of predictions for a coming year is an educated guess at best. What do I think will happen in the world of Cloud Computing in 2012? A lot! Probably too much to really grasp. If you have ever …

Special Thanks to for the Blogger Spotlight & a Critical Family Service!

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Life360 is a site that deals with ensuring the safety of your family and protecting your assets (people & property). Obviously, this is something very important to me and my wife so as a service on its own, it definitely deserves a thorough discussion. However, in this case, I wanted to mention something else: one of their editors contacted me a few weeks ago because I had been selected to be in their “Blogger Spotlight.” This is the first “profile piece” that I have had the pleasure of participating in and while I have always told my kids that it …


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