Friday, May 29, 2020

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Lice, Facial & Chest Hair, Rockets and Halloween – Cast of Dads Episode #34

So I guess that CC Chapman finally hit puberty on this episode of Cast of Dads. We are not exactly sure what happened, whether it was the Skype "bugs" at work, the fact that Halloween is just around the...

An Interview with Ford: Understanding Safety Advances in Ford Vehicles & the Ford Focus 2012

Recently, I have been very focused on the car industry lately as I have been shopping for a new car. One of the primary items that made me want to consider a new (or newer) car as opposed to...

What Does “Silent But Deadly” Refer to in the Latest “Cast of Dads” Podcast #31?

We are still trying to get back into the regular scheduling of our "Cast of Dads" podcast. It's definitely hard to schedule 5 busy dads who are juggling family and work and play times (what's that?). But we did...

Vacations, Teddy Bears, Breathalyzers and Pictographs – “Back From Vacation” Cast of Dads Podcast #30

We took a week or so off to enjoy time with our families and get ready for the start of the school year. But once we all got back on the phone this week, we definitely had a LOT...

Belkin’s Bluetooth Music Receiver is the Ultimate Music Extender from your Bluetooth Device to Your Stereo

On the way home from picking up my daughter from an activity, I decided to do some Pandora streaming in my car via a Bluetooth connection. As the Pandora station was playing a lot of great songs, when I...

What Do Dude Ranches, Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, NyQuil & Cooking Have in Common? Cast of Dads Podcast #29 Of Course!

Quite a variety of topics in the latest Cast of Dads podcast #29, "Dude Ranches & Snoop Doggs", wouldn't you say? Well I had just gotten back from a week with the family up at a dude ranch and...

Cool Birthday Parties, Pool Safety & Live Parenting Failures Round Out “Cast of Dads” Episode #27

Sorry for the delay in posting about our latest Cast of Dads podcast. Coordinating family schedules are hard enough…but when you attempt to coordinate 5 different schedules from different families, it's a monumental task. And even after we record,...

Milking an Almond, Bacon Explosions & Bakin’ in the Heat – Cast of Dads Podcast #26

As if we didn't do enough drinking during our respective 4th of July festivities, with our voices and brains lubed up with wine and beer, the Cast of Dads convened Tuesday night to record Episode #26 titled "From Snips...

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini Pounds Out a MAXI Amount of Quality Sound as an iPod Speaker System

I'm back with yet another iPhone/iPod speaker review. But wait, before your eyes glaze over, you really should read what I have to say. This time around, I tested out the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini, which is sort...

“From Douchebags to Dish Washing” – Cast of Dads Podcast #20

Well, we are no longer teenagers. That is to say, this Cast of Dads episode has pushed us out of the terrible teens and we now are almost at drinking age. And, I think that drinking was on our...
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Latest News

Can’t Find TP? Use a Smart Bidet & Wash Your Butt Instead! – Stay At Home Tech Tip Video

Avoid having to hoard toilet paper by installing a smart bidet in your home. This DIY project is easy & you save the environment by conserving toilet paper.
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4 Ways to Make a “Distanced” Mother’s Day Better with a Nixplay Digital Frame

Social Distancing may make Mother's Day a bit more difficult. With a Nixplay digital frame you can share memories remotely!

Video Conferencing? Check Broadband Upload Speed – Stay at Home Tech Tip

Having a fast broadband connection at home is critical during the Shelter at Home due to COVID19/coronavirus. Learn what is important now!

Changing our Thinking on how Children use Social Media During COVID-19 (Video Tech Tip)

As parents, we restrict kids' device usage. But, during COVID-19 era, we should relax this. Screens are how kids are connecting & maintaining friendships.

New Video Series: Work/Study at Home “Tech Tips” during COVID-19/Corona Virus Era

HighTechDad launches a new video series of Tech Tips for Working or Studying at home during the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) era.