How To Automatically Set Up your Mac’s Work Environment Based on WiFi Location Detection – AirPort Location

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There is a lot of great free software out there that provides tremendous value. Smart programmers always want to showcase their talents and I love the fact that there is a never ending stream of interesting applications coming from the developer community. I won’t even start to mention some of the free Mac apps that I use that help me day to day, there are too many to mention. However, I discovered this great little golden nugget yesterday for those people who have a Mac laptop and who frequently bring it to different locations. These could be students or business …

Parallels 6 is Some Serious Tech Mojo for Mac Virtualization – Run Windows on your iPad or iPhone

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I was lucky enough to get early access to the new release of Parallels (version 6). To put it bluntly, I was and still am impressed. Let’s face it, virtualization has been around for quite a few years. Currently on the Mac platform, VMware and Parallels have been playing a leapfrog game, one upping each other on features, performance and enhancements. While I’m not going to write a feature by feature comparison of the two virtualization products, I do feel the need to say something about the latest version of Parallels (version 6). I have been using both VMware and …

Family Tech: Easily manage what sites your kids see with Glubble

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Finally I have come across something to write about that truly talks to my site motto “where technology and fatherhood collide.” It is not very often that I can write about a new service or piece of software that can help a family. Computers are now as common as TVs and now kids have computers in their rooms, at schools, at friends houses, at libraries, etc. I’m sure that someone will say, the best protection for your kids on surfing the Internet is direct supervision, and I wholeheartedly agree. However, this is a difficult task to consistently do, so sometimes …

HTD Roundup: Snippets of Tech that I have been playing with

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It’s been a while since my last post so I figured I would do yet another laundry list of things that I have been doing and technology I have been reviewing: Updated my Blog Theme to Redoable 1.2 – still a work in progress as there are some issues preventing me from showing what I had previously MAMP 1.6 – “Macintosh, Apache, MySQL and PHP” – this is a great app for testing out PHP/OpenSource applications. I use this a lot prior to actually installing on one of my sites Diigo – a new level of social bookmarking and markups. …

Quick way to test if you need DST patch

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Ok, you are running out of time!!! Literally! Thanks, Kris, for the comment on my previous post. Here is a site that you can just point your browser to in order to find out if you need to apply a patch for DST or not. It’s really easy to do, trust me. Click here to test! If you are OK, you should get a screen that looks like this: Quick way to test if you need DST patch was last modified: March 9th, 2007 by Michael Sheehan

Check your server DST settings using PERL

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The new Daylight Saving Time is almost upon us. My company is losing money now on all of the IT updates that we have to do (but that is another story, in fact, I read today that some Economic Analysts now think that the change will not save energy/money because while people won’t be using as much electricity in the evening, they WILL be using it in the morning which will offset the savings). Anyway, I was worried that a few of our servers which are running Perl scripts will be affected by the DST change. So, Googling once again, …

Change to Daylight Saving Time – the new Y2K?

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Daylight Saving Time is changing this year, due to some decisions made in the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Beginning in 2007, Daylight Saving Time is one month and begins for most of the United States at: 2 a.m. on the Second Sunday in March to 2 a.m. on the First Sunday of November Daylight Saving is supposed to save energy and thus save money in the long run. Because less time is required to light one’s home, there is a cost savings that accumulates when you add all of the U.S. households energy together. There have been studies that …

Dual-boot: Mac OSX and Ubuntu (Part II)

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Well, I’m making this post from my 12″ Powerbook G4, wirelessly connected to the internet using Ubuntu. Yep, you guessed it, I got the wireless working. Not the most elegant of solutions, but it works. I have have a fully functional, dual-boot, Mac OSX 10.4.8 and Ubuntu 6.10 system. So, here is what I did…and the guides I followed: Step 5 – Getting Wireless Working Dual-boot: Mac OSX and Ubuntu (Part II) was last modified: April 30th, 2007 by Michael Sheehan

Dual-boot: Mac OSX and Ubuntu (Part I)

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OK, I admit it…I was bored. And a bit envious of those Intel-macs that can dual boot to Windows (or run Parallels). So, I figured that I would have some fun with my 12″ Powerbook and set it up to dual boot with my favorite Linux flavor (next to OSX, of course) Ubuntu. Yes, don’t forget, OSX is unix ((Please see this comment for some clarification)) with a lot of great eye candy. So, with Google as my friend, I quickly embarked on this journey this afternoon. I had already installed many different versions of Ubuntu on another machine that …