Tired of Coordinating Arrival Times or Notifying If You’ll Be Early or Late? Use Twist! App Walkthrough & CEO Interview

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As a parent in a busy family of 5 with 3 kid schedules to coordinate, activities galore and timing managed literally down to the minute, I have often felt a bit overwhelmed trying to let everyone know when I would arrive for a pickup or where I was en route to a variety of destinations. You can’t text while you drive and sometimes it isn’t convenient to get calls or bug people by calling them to let them know that you are running late. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app that knows where you are going, when you …

How To Configure Location-Based Reminders on the iPhone with iOS5

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I kept hearing about how with iOS 5, you could set up Reminders that would trigger when you arrived or left a particular location. It’s a pretty neat concept. You can program in an address, like your work, and set up a series of to-dos that magically remind you when you are geographically near that location. Or perhaps, you are at a vacation home and need to have a checklist pop up as you leave the location (e.g., did you check to be sure the hot tub was set to low). It’s a smart use of GPS technology to let …

Ooma VoIP Adds Innovative Feature to Assist in 911 Notifications

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Today, I learned that Ooma, a VoIP company who I recently reviewed, has added a pretty interesting feature to their telephony service. In the past, there has always been a bit of a question around the reliability of 911 calls using a phone service that uses an Internet connection for it “digital dialtone”. Advances have been made and now most VoIP services include Enhanced 911 service; the “Enhanced” part means not only is the caller ID sent to emergency services, but also the full address associated with the caller’s phone number, and the call is routed to the nearest Public …

Update: Plaxo for Mac Updated with Leopard compatability…somewhat

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I have received an advanced copy of the release notes coming from Plaxo’s next build (build 479) slotted to be release any moment now. My previous post discussed some issues that Plaxo was having with Leopard and a timeline for a fix to be released. As indicated, the first round of bug fixes is coming out the door (today?) with more substantial fixes and feature releases coming in the next few months. Without further ado, here are the release notes (as of this writing, not yet posted on Plaxo’s mac release notes page). Update: Plaxo for Mac Updated with Leopard …

Mac: Plaxo working on Leopard issues, Fixes due soon

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The dust is still settling with recent Leopard upgrades on the Mac and some issues and incompatibilities are starting to surface. As I recommended in a previous post, you should try to update all of your Applications prior to installing Leopard, however, this practice is also good AFTER you do the upgrade. One program that I can’t really live without is Plaxo. It, essentially, allows you: Mac: Plaxo working on Leopard issues, Fixes due soon was last modified: October 31st, 2007 by Michael Sheehan