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The Job Search Roller Coaster and Getting Social

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Why are roller coasters so much fun? Is it because of the rush of speed as you plummet down multiple stories in a seeming free fall? Or is it being thrown into your seat as you race up a hill? Or is it the corkscrew turns that twist your stomach upside-down? Or perhaps it is the adrenaline that races through your body as you finish the ride and shakily walk away. Regardless, roller coasters attract the old and the young alike. It is a personal conquest of overcoming your fears. And it is a social experience. As I recently embarked …

Old Fashioned Content Delivery About New Fashioned Technology – Scholastic Discover More “Technology” Book

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I usually write about technology and gadgets. Anything bright and shiny really gets my attention, so much so, that I have little to no time to read books as most of my reading is confined to trade publications and articles. My children, however, especially my youngest daughter seem to LOVE reading, which is exciting. However, I just got my hands on an advanced copy of new book coming out soon by Scholastic as part of a new series called “Scholastic Discover More.” The book that caught my attention in particular was one called “Technology – How today’s technology really works” …