Twitter Updates for 2008-04-01

I will be at SFbeta tonight: # @zcopley I listen to The Buzz under Alternative on iTunes radio. Mainstream alternative but good to

Twitter Updates for 2008-03-31

Testing out Digsby for IM client (and Twitter/Facebook). Why hadn’t I heard of this client before? # @arinewman Yes, the automatic update plugin is really

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Twitter Updates for 2008-03-29

Watching my 6 yr old at her gymnastics class. I can’t do 1/100th of the stuff she can. Wow! # Just finished watching “Dan in

Twitter Updates for 2008-03-28

Fixing my oldest daughter’s 1st grade teachers old iMac. Making progress! # ShiftEdit has moved to GoGrid as a hosting solution. I’m going to dig

Twitter Updates for 2008-03-27

Just integrated Jaiku to my Now need to integrate with all the others…grumble. # Had fun last night with my middle daughter at “Pizza

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Twitter Updates for 2008-03-26

I combined all of my ATT svcs for “convenience”. But whose? I need to call 3 different numbers if I have questions on my combined