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Cookie Monster killed my Safari

by Michael Sheehan on September 21, 2006

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Over the past few days, I had been having issues with Safari simply crashing every time that I launched it. No matter what I did (Disk Repair, Repair Permissions, etc.), I was unable to correct. I had to resort to using Firefox (which I actually now kind of like a bit better). So, on a whim, I posted to the User Discussion groups on the Apple Support page and within a day, I got an answer that seems to have worked. So, I figured that I would share it, in case anyone else is encountering similar issues. No promises though on if it will work for you.

Basically, from the crash log that I posted, it looked like my cookies file had become corrupted. The crash log had the following line:

3 0x9297e3b4 -[NSHTTPCookieDiskStorage(NSInternal) _saveCookies] + 292

So, the suggestion was to move my cookie.plist file to the trash and see if that corrected the issue. It did…so here is the path to your specific cookie .plist:

hd/users/your user name/library/cookies

and just move the cookies.plist out of there and then restart Safari.

Worked for me!!!

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