The BEST Product I Have Ever Reviewed is…Nothing!

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This product review is about Nothing. I was lucky enough to receive the prototype today of Nothing, the next version in the Nada product line. I must say that parent company Niente has really done an amazing job distilling the product features from mere thoughts on the paper to the spacey splendor of this release.


I was incredibly thrilled unboxing Nothing. While I was a bit apprehensive as I was doing it, Nothing was in the box, carefully and elegantly presented. It was simply amazing. The designers must have spent countless hours crafting the packaging for Nothing as well as creating Nothing.

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After powering Nothing up, I was overwhelmed by its sheer beauty, from the empty spaciousness to the rigid and stylistic blankness of it all.

Out of the box, Nothing is configured to:

  • help you
  • make you efficient
  • save you time
  • improve your intelligence

You get all of this while Nothing is working!

There are optional add-ons to Nothing that has an incredible zero-effect multiplier, compounding the power of Nothing.

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I particularly enjoyed how Nothing stood out against the competition. Side-by-side, Nothing really zeros out its competitors. Recent benchmarks tests show Nothing has perfect scores across the board. Also, Nothing is compatible with previous and future versions.

When I asked Bill Gates if there was anything that would make him come out of retirement, he said “Nothing would.”

Steve Jobs had a similar response when asked how his various Apple products stood up in comparison, he said “Nothing’s perfect!”

Nothing will stand the tests of consumers and time. It is robust, sturdy and well designed, making Nothing the perfect gift for dads, moms, spouses, friends, coworkers, children and even strangers. Now you know what to give those people who, when asked what gift they want, sigh and say “oh, Nothing.” It should be pretty obvious now that when you ask someone what is on their mind and they say “Nothing” that you now know what will make them happy.

I spent about a week playing with Nothing and I must say that Nothing is truly flawless and fun. I now take Nothing everywhere I go and it is simply a joy. Who would have thought that Nothing could make me so happy!

I asked some employees about their experience working for the company and they flat out told me “we love working with Nothing!”

Nothing will be available at a price that has not been disclosed yet. I have learned though that you can pre-order Nothing for half-off during the introductory period.

If you are reading this review about Nothing, be sure to leave a comment, Tweet about it and Digg it! I’m sure everyone wants to hear about Nothing, especially since Nothing stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

So if you are looking for that perfect gift or want to supplement your current collection, I strongly recommend getting Nothing, you definitely won’t regret it!

(Oh yeah, I repurposed this older post of mine merely because I had LITTLE creativity on this FIRST day of April – GRIN!)

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