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I normally don’t like complaining about companies or their products. Sure, all things that we purchase have issues or will have problems over time. But when it comes to expensive purchases and when there seems to be a commonality among the types of issues, I feel that there is a requirement to say something about it publicly, either to simply raise awareness or as a public service. And that is exactly what I did regarding the issue that I have with my 1998 Honda Accord and the clear coat peeling off of it. And before I put paper to pen (or fingers to keyboard in this case), I did try to get my issues resolved with Honda both via my local dealer in Walnut Creek, CA (who acknowledged that the issue my car was experiencing was not normal) as well as with Honda USA corporate (who flat out did the opposite by saying that they had no record of issues and that most likely it was due to me not taking better care of my automobile).

So, what am I talking about here? Take a look at the picture below…that is my Honda Accord in 2009 on the left and its current state now in 2011 (throughout this article, you will see pictures illustrating how much of the clear coat has eroded away on my 1998 dark green Honda Accord).


Now my car’s value has bottomed out, even though it only has 79,000 miles on it. To catch up on the history, you can read my two articles (which I seem to do annually):

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Below is a letter to Honda Motors that has been a long time in the making. Please read it and share as you see fit. Thank you for reading! -HTD

Dear Honda Motors,

I’m writing this open and public letter to hopefully get your attention…again. I will bet that you feel that you have dodged a bullet with the entire Toyota recall fiasco going on as of this writing…who knows, it could actually be helping your sales. Regardless, there is something important to learn here: issues can rapidly escalate, often beyond your control and completely tarnish your brand in the process. My recommendation is to be proactive, act with a conscience and admit that there is an issue.

Also, remember that it could just as easily have been you in the Congressional hearings.

I am writing to bring awareness to a smaller concern. While miniscule in comparison to the safety issues affecting other automobiles, it does impact your brand loyalty and consumers’ perception of your willingness (or lack thereof) to listen and act upon complaints.

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