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Post image for Get Freedom from Pollen this Spring with the Honeywell HPA-150 HEPA Tower Allergen Remover

With Springtime comes change. Hills start getting greener, trees start having leaves emerge from their dormant branches, flowers start opening, eyes start getting scratchy, noses start running, sniffles replace tabletop conversation, sneezes disrupt the normal flow of life. Yes, with Spring comes pollen and allergies. It’s pretty hard to get away from it unless you live in a desert or the arctic or on the moon, or magically aren’t bothered by allergies.

When Spring rolls round in our household, the share price of Kleenex and allergy medicine consequently goes up! We all have varying levels of allergies in our household, ranging from fatal peanut allergies that my youngest has, to general cat allergies to dust particles and finally including the massive pollen of spring and summer.

I think that our kids would not be surviving the spring if not for the help from some Honeywell filters. Up until a few weeks ago, my wife and I kept alternating which of my kids’ rooms held the Honeywell HTT-145 (see my review of it here). The problem is, all of my kids (and my wife and I) were all suffering pretty badly from allergies, and to cap it off, my oldest daughter is asthmatic. We needed to have a really strong solution for her room.

That’s where the Honeywell HPA-150 came into play as the savior from dust, pollen and air-born allergens. The HPA-150 is a true HEPA filter that is in a form factor that works in just about any room. The dark color blends into the room and the tower design make it be able to be placed just about anywhere.


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