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I recently got my iPhone 4 and consequently wanted to prepare my iPhone 3GS for my children to use as an “iPod Touch” – iPhone but without the cell service. I have already done this with my original iPhone. Honestly, it is a great way to extend the life of your “retired” iPhones. As I was going through the prep process (e.g., removing all of my work, social media and non-kid friendly apps and adding in lots of games), the iOS 4.0.2 Operating System update came out that fixes the PDF exploit issue. I figured it would be smart to update all of my devices to close this exploit vulnerability.

I’ve done so many updates, I was really surprised to actually run into an issue, but I did. Something on the old iPhone 3GS got corrupted in the process and iTunes asked me to do a RESTORE. I was presented with this on the iPhone screen:


Restoring your iPhone is actually sometimes a good thing to do. It can fix issues that your iPhone may be encountering and assuming that you have been regularly backing up your iPhone, the process is painless. Or so I thought. I went through the download of the new iOS software and then proceeded with the Restore and then I got an error in iTunes (I believe it was error 22 and then another which was 23) that said that the process could not be completed. So I tried it again…and again…and again. The same issue continued to happen. I was stuck in what is known as the Recovery or Restore Mode Loop. I tried it on a Mac as well as a PC but with no luck.

But here are a couple of things you can try that may help (the second one worked for me). [click to continue…]