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I often get asked by friends, family, acquaintances and recently, companies that I’m interviewing with – what is a Technology Evangelist? While many within the technology space understand the position, it is still relatively unknown within the job marketplace. In fact, when I first started the position almost 6 years ago, it was definitely one of those niche jobs. Fast forward to today and you now see companies embracing directly-named “technology evangelist” positions or at least other names that have similar job qualities and requirements.

What is a Technology Evangelist?

The most important part of the title is “evangelist” – essentially spreading the gospel. Most people, when they think of the word evangelist envision a religious evangelist. Believe it or not, this is not that far from what a technology evangelist does, but instead of communicating and inspiring a congregation about a religious theme or topic, the technology evangelist inspires businesses and individuals through interaction, content creation and communication about a technology. The end goal of the evangelist, religious or technical, is to inspire and hopefully convert the audience.

Clear? Let me evangelize a bit more and explain my views of this position and what I believe is the criteria for a good evangelist, a role I have officially held for 6 years but that I have unofficially performed for many more.

Why is the Evangelist important?

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Bloggers are not second class citizens. At least not all of them. I do have to draw a bit of a line here between those “bloggers” who simply post sales, coupons, contents and giveaways, and those who produce content in the form of reviews, how-to articles, social commentary, experiences, analysis and the like. In my mind, there is a clear distinction. While both types provide some sort of value, I dare say that the “top-tier” bloggers, the ones interested in enriching and helping the lives of their readers are providing more to the marketplace than those who are simply out there writing about giveaways.

But that’s my opinion. Take it or leave it.

What bothers me though, is the fact that many times brands and their PR firms don’t understand the differences. And don’t get me started on those SEO firms that pitch me daily on doing a “guest post” of “quality content” just to be able to put a link back to their client’s site. I try to write with integrity, fully disclosing relationships, clients, gifts and special privileges I have when I write my content. I’m not going to dilute my own brand just so that you can push some silly keyword-optimized, link-heavy article that provides no relevance or value to my site or my readers. There are plenty of other sites that will do that for you, just not mine please.


Anyway, as I have worked on a variety of programs, campaigns, product launches and awareness programs for many brands and PR firms around the globe, I have obviously developed some opinions on strategies that I think work (and a few that don’t). So I have compiled a top-10 list, specifically for brands and their PR firms, to help guide them when approaching and working with top-tier bloggers. Obviously, this is not the end-all, de facto list, but it’s a start. I would love to get others to weigh in as well. [click to continue…]


We are still trying to get back into the regular scheduling of our “Cast of Dads” podcast. It’s definitely hard to schedule 5 busy dads who are juggling family and work and play times (what’s that?). But we did have our weekly virtual convention over the phone and managed to bang out another great episode titled “Silent But Deadly“.


Note: we are always looking for sponsors! If you would like to sponsor an individual episode or a series of episodes, please do let us know.

So where did the title of the Cast of Dads Podcast #31 come from? Could it be:

  • From not having your kids wear helmets?
  • “Hearing” an electric motorcycle or car sneak up on you?
  • Going deaf from riding a Harley?
  • Reading a Playboy at the age of 13?
  • Turning off Social Media at predefined times?
  • Responding to kids’ memories of something you did or said?
  • Or something that Apple clearly stated they don’t want any more of in their App store?

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When I started blogging about 5 years ago, I had no idea what direction it would take me, nor what type of success or lack there of it would have. I must admit, I’m pleasantly surprised at the result thus far. But it wasn’t easy. Having a full time job and having a full time family are two things that suddenly make the 24 hours in a day feel more like 12. And I do have to sleep in there somewhere. But this post is not about how sleep deprived I am, it is more about why I stay up late writing blog posts.


I have always been a technology guy and playing with new gadgets, technology, software, hardware or websites is something that I simply love doing. But, I also love the fact that I have a family and 3 wonderful daughters who are growing up just a bit too quickly. It was around these two concepts that I created my own personal brand of “HighTechDad“. And I’m pretty happy with the results on all fronts! But the important thing here is the writing and engaging.

I guess that I’m what’s now known as a “daddy blogger”, but I don’t write about parenting specifically and all of the time. My focus and “pitch” is about how technology can work in the family. Yes, it is a bit more niche oriented but it is something that I can speak to pretty well. But part of my reasons for writing and reviewing tech is pretty selfish, I just want to be able to try out the latest cell phone, laptop, TV, camera, car, application, you name it.

I have had some success talking with major brands like Sony, Microsoft, Ford and Intel. And I have hand plenty of conversations with smaller brands and even helped a few startups get their product announcements out. The important thing here is that the brands that I have worked with have, for the most part, found me and started talking with me. Granted, when I see I hot product or gadget announced, I will reach out to those companies and start the dialog. But it is critical to remember to engage in dialog.

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