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Post image for Behind the Scenes: Filming My LG Techorating Home Entertainment Living Room Makeover

It’s been a few months now since LG contacted me to find out if I was interested in participating in a head-to-head competition with another “daddy blogger.” It wasn’t a challenge of wit or writing or sports (well not really) – it was a challenge to see whose living room could be “techorated” better by a professional technology designer (Janna Robinson). The makeover would be filmed by a professional film crew as well.  LG supplied the technology, the script writing, the coordination, the furniture, the film crew, sound crew, lighting crew, and a bunch of other crews that I don’t know what their technical names are, while I just supplied my old technology, my home and my natural good looks (sorry). Oh, LG also managed to get ESPN’s Stuart Scott to be the narrator of what was to be a fully produced video of both daddy bloggers’ home entertainment makeover.


Sounds exciting, right? Well let me tell you. It WAS exciting. But doing video production work is really not for me. I’m going to stick with my own quick Handycam videos and my writing, at least for now. The amount and level of coordination is simply staggering, and I am not sure how many showings of Murphy’s Law we had, but the process was definitely interesting. Kudos to all of those crews for their particular expertise, LG’s PR firm (LG-One) and the others who pulled this entire process together.

The video that was produced, narrated by Stuart Scott and hosted by Janna Robinson, was used on the LG Facebook page as well as in advertisements appearing on ESPN. I had old high school friends and people who I hadn’t seen in ages contact me to tell me they had just seen an ad with me in it. It was all for this LG Techorating Home Entertainment Makeover Challenge on Facebook.


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